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Following are real estate transactions over $5,000 as listed in records of the Erie County Clerk's Office for March 7,8, and 9.


12661 West Main St., Mark J. Alba, Julie A. Alba to Patrick R. Sokero, Alethea Sokero $98,000.


1502 Forest Edge Dr., David M. Rosa to Charles J. Francemone, $126,300.

160 Haverford Lane, Marrano/Marc Equity Corp. to Maurice Fox, Karen M. Fox, $299,007.

63 Sable Run, Prasad Kadle, Ranjana Kadle to Helen M. Evrard, $287,000.

207 Monroe Drive, Bonnie L. Wilson, Bonnie L. Rotundo to Trevor Foote, $230,000.

109 Cheshire Lane, Judith M. Ciani, Judith Ciani, Susanne Jarczewski to Elena V. Lidgard, $215,900.

16 Azure Pine Court, Donald J. Weibel to Mary F. Vadnais, $178,000.

71 S. Rockingham Way, Rockingham Estates to Essex Homes of W.N.Y., $157,500.

188 Delamere Road, Shahram Zahra to James E. Stone Breaker Jr., Patricia R. Stonebreaker, $135,051.

104 Donna Lea Blvd., Bernard A. Lane to Household Financial Realty Corp., $126,018.

7 Mallard Court, CitGroup/Consumer Finance to Paul Schimert, $110,500.

38 Harvard Court, Bank of America to Geoffrey H. Box, Gregory C. Box, $107,152.

694 Emerson Drive, Emily E. Fogarty to Federal National Mortgage Association, $101,350.

168 Oxford Ave., Bonita L. Krull to Margaret E. Walsh-Terranova, $95,000.

4745 Chestnut Ridge Road, Edda R. Leal to Ellen I. Snekser, $82,000.

35 Via Foreata Lane, Anthony Cimato ACP Partnership to NDC Realty, $69,000.

1075 Youngs Road, Antoinette Leone, Phyllis M. Wilczek to Constance Reppucci, $120,000.


Vacant Land, Arnold O'Connor, Sylvia O'Connor to Thomas G. Morris, Ruth A. Assad, $40,000.


1 Paul Place, Ultraplas Inc. to Ronald Planter, $66,000.


170 Mariner St., Mark S. Wallach, Samuel T. Giangreco to Christopher R. Hesse, Robert T. Hesse, $297,000.

721 W. Ferry St., Clarence Marsh, Patricia Marsh, Gary Siarkowski, William Townsend, Robert Warner to Dixon Enterprises, $285,000.

678-682 Main St., Paul P. Green to 678 Main St., $225,000.

50 Chapin Parkway, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Kevin Wallace, Nancy Wallace, $185,000.

10 Treehaven Road, Canedo Angel, Marion Canedo to Mary H. Finn, $130,000.

181 Crestwood Ave., Rose Real Estate & Development to Jared W. Grant, $105,000.

272 Englewood Ave., Frank S. Jacobi to Wachovia Bank, $102,914.

122 Tacoma Ave., Carmel Catalano, Christy M. Iraci to Matthew J. Bennett Jr., $93,000.

229 Wellington Road, Gary T. Treger, Linda K.M. Treger, Jill D. Kallinikos to Andreas Kallinikos, Jill D. Kallinikos, $90,000.

151 Densmore, Arthur J. Smith, Maureen M. Cancilla, Daniel J. Smith, Mary F. Smith to William C. Lickfeld, Tammy L. Lickfeld, $80,000.

454 Busti Ave., Jesus Marquez to Fuad A. Fadel, $80,000.

31 East End Ave., Todd W. Metzger to Countrywide Home Loans, $79,225.

604 Lisbon Ave., Darren K. Culp, Mary J. Culp to Kenneth J. Bagby Sr., $77,800.

509-511 S. Legion Drive, Dean Overhoff, Theresa L. Overhoff to Green Tree Credit, $76,459.

17 Hancock Ave., Robert Philip Hess to Merry Sue Chaples, $69,900.

145 Baynes St., James L. Sennett to Litton Loan Servicing, $65,278.

8 Cable St., Martha C. Swist, Martha N. Swist to Mark Palmowski, $63,000.

55 Sprenger Ave., George W. Turner to Wells Fargo Bank, $62,071.

31 & 57 Tonawanda St., Buffalo Holding Co. to Black Rock Trade Center, $60,000.

310 Newfield St., Rafael A. Ramos III to Guy A. Drozd, $60,000.

102 Freund St., Sunset Properties to Hughes Shirell, $59,000.

349 Martha Ave., John F. Maurer, Dorothy Maurer to Robin Negron Rodriguez, $57,400.

208 Floss Ave., Dewey Hurst, Kelly Hurst, Kelly L. Hurst to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., Bankers Trust Company of California, Asset Back Securities Corporation Long Beach Home & See, $52,872.

43 Armin St., Robert L. Wagner, Rose Wagner to Principal Residential Mortgage, $48,550.

116 Roosevelt Ave., Keith B.Wiley to Pledged Property IX, $46,852.

399 Baynes, East Coast Capital Company to BUF Properties Inc., $45,000.

111 Metcalfe, Eastern Realty Group to Quesner Valmyr, $43,000.

119 Humber St., Paul A. McCullen to Bankers Trust Company of California, $41,280.

452 Auburn St., David A. Maiola, Dominic Donald Maiola to HUD, $38,211.

326 Breckenridge, Wixson Daniel E. Wixson, Cindylynn Wixson to Atlantic Coast Services, $38,000.

46 Herkimer, Daniel E. Wixson, Cindylynn Wixson, $36,000.

1435 South Park, Genesis Rei to Mosunmola A. Alejo, $35,000.

141 Howell, Daniel E. Wixson, Cindylynn Wixson to Atlantic Coast Services, $34,000.

409 Olympic Ave., Elma L. Patton to Keybank National Associates, $32,119.

1815 Bailey Ave., Christopher Szeluga, Pamela K. Szeluga to Bobby L. Brown, Lucretia A. Brown, $30,900.

1856 South Park Ave., Paul F. McMahon to Gary Stomporowski, Nancy Stomporowski, $30,000.

392 Gibson St., Eastern Realty Group to Jian Liang, Dong Hui Lee, $28,000.

71 Hedley Place, City of Buffalo to Majida Agha, $26,000.

390 Marilla St., HUD to Cyril H. Drexinger, Michelle Drexinger, $25,000.

121 Scoville Ave., Judell Inc. to Pragmatic Family Trust, Ronan Cohen, Savage Cohen, $24,500.

88 Royal Ave., Champion Mortgage to East Coast Capital Company, $22,900.

147 Roosevelt, Nancy Mueller, Karen Lipinczyk, Richard A. Mueller, Arletta Mueller, Mueller Family Living Trust to Latrice Martin, $22,000.

62 Hawley St., Dwayne R. White, Phebes S. White to Rupesh R. Roy, $21,500.

33 Winter St., Shales Caicedo to Rupesh R. Roy, $21,500.

399 Baynes St., Anthony Leon to Bank of New York, Metropolitan Asset Funding, $21,113.

441 Berkshire St., Angelo Lococo to Rupesh R. Roy, $17,500.

399 Baynes St., Bank of New York, Metropolitan Asset Funding to East Coast Capital Company, $17,500.

275 Hoyt St., Keybank National Association to Adrianne A. Mattina, $17,000.

101 Fisher St., Chase Home Finance, Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporation to Ceeou Ju Liu, $16,000.

28 East Oakwood Place, Beneficial Mortgage Corp. to KC Properties of Buffalo, $15,900.

1813 Seneca St., Donald J. Krepps to James W. Willson, $15,000.

1608 South Park Ave., Thaddeus R. Swiatek to Derek Stafford, $13,500.

109 Clarence Ave., Indymac Bank Fsb to Buffalo Homes, $13,500.

121 Scoville Ave., Thaddeus R. Swiatek to Judell Inc., $13,500.

306 Northampton St., Charlene D. Collins to Rel Investments, $13,000.

98 Hastings Ave., Betty M. Williams to Federal National Mortgage Associates, $12,246.

28 Phyllis, City of Buffalo to Eugenie Chasme, $12,000.

81 Decker St., HUD to Rodney Fulgham, Tara Fulgham, $11,555.

357 Bird Ave., Gloria Hernandez to Jazmine Barreto, $10,000.

7 Guernsey St., Fannie Mae to East Coast Capital Company, $8,000.

59 Poultney St., Wells Fargo Bank, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage to Frontier Capital Corp., $8,000.

119 Humber St., Bankers Trust Co. of California to East Coast Capital Co., $7,000.

987 Grant St., City of Buffalo to IMA Equities Inc., $5,500.

960 Washington St., RWA/DTA High Street to Evergreen Real Estate Properties, $410,000.


364 Barbedos Drive, Richard V. Pawelek, Geraldine Pawelek to Sharon M. Stoklosa, $140,000.

99 Jerome Drive, Michael Shady to Eddie A. Lopez, $137,000.

145 Broad St., Timothy J. Lahrs to Centex Home Equity Co., $87,241.

62 Sugnet Ave., Patricia A. Caraotta to Peter J. Giliforte, Gail Giliforte, $84,000.

4613 Union Road, Ronald A. Bress Jr. to Shannon Casey, $77,000.

684 Cleveland Drive, HUD to John O. Regensdorfer, $61,631.

46 Crestview Ave., Gerald J. Butler, Marian J. Butler, Louis Brown, Marie Brown, Kenneth J. Butler Estate to Robert M. Smith, $56,600.

116 Alpine Place, CitiMortgage Inc., Source One Mortgage Co. to Shahram Khalvati, $41,000.


5053 Rockledge Drive, Frank Curci, Robin Curci to Joseph Trolli, Michelle D. Trolli, $995,000.

5430 Shimerville Road, Daniel V. Michaels Jr. to First Niagara Bank, $97,000.

4675 Goodrich Road, James A. Bohm, Jeanne M. Bohm to Nemmis Inc., $47,784.

Blanchard Road, David A. Bower, Diana S. Bower to Andrew Czerniak, Jennifer Schneider, $225,000.


103 Barnabas Drive, Richard A. Majchrzak, Dolores A. Majchrzak to Jennifer Burns, $118,000.

157 Kokomo, Thomas Suchy, Alfreda Suchy to Daniel Steck, Sharon A. Steck, $53,500.


1100 Ostrander Road, Paul S. Clark, Kathleen M. Clark to Michael R. Smith, Jennifer Smith, $171,000.

960 N. Blossom Road, Mary Jane Nadrowski, Raymond J. Nadrowski, Sharon A. Zynda to Richard Connolly, $105,000.

W. Blood Road, John T. Nuttle, Leo E. Howard to John T. Nuttle, $30,000.


678 Monroe Ave., HUD to Harry Kowalski, $30,000.

Vacant Land, Michael A. Trimm to Lance M. Wojda, Tracy Ann Wojda, $30,000.


5500 East River Road, Gilles Lapointe, Maria Luckevich to Mickey J. Saxbury, Nancy L. Saxbury, $179,500.

246 Park Place, Smith Ventures to Essex Homes of W.N.Y., $113,000.

81 Woodlee Lane, Robert White to Joan M. Mayse, $61,654.

81 Woodlee Lane, Rita White, Judy Casassa to Joan M. Mayse, $6,846.


S-5159 Glendale Ave., Sheri H. Kipphut to Citimortgage Inc., $81,965.

5404 Bridlewood Lane, Marrano/Marc Equity Corp. to Tariq A. Sheikh, Priti M. Patel, $270,293.

2178 Foxchase Road, NVR Inc., Ryan Homes of New York to Mark J. Drumsta, Danielle L. Drumsta, $181,470.

4238 Victorian Drive, Norman R. Braun, Laura A. Braun to Rodney W. Neely, Susan Smith, $107,000.

4382 Bayview Road, Sally Bazulka to Christopher G. Cihak, $85,000.

5068 Stewart Road, Fannie Mae to Joseph R. Preischel, $79,000.

5185 Orchard Ave., Frederick H. Carney, Fred H. Carney to Carolyn Ross, $75,000.

Lakewood Drive, David Hollins to Dennis Lotempio Sr., Cathie Lotempio, $13,000.


3045 South Park Ave., Mohamed M. Mohamed to South Park Express Food Market, $123,000.

92 Greenwood Ave., Dennis F. Torba to Anna M. Sassanelli, $52,500.


8 Avian Way, Marrano/Marc Equity Corp. to Aaron M. Reese, Marie C. Reese, $280,985.

5489 Broadway, Charles A. Marchetta to Faith United Methodist Church, $187,500.

19 Riemers Ave., Jessie Kaye, Jessica Kaye, Jessie Forney, Jessie K. Forney to Edward H. Snell, Mary E. Snell, $187,500.

227 Nathans Trail, D. Christopher Burns, Jennifer Burns to Maureen A. Napierala, $182,500.

9 Villa Place, Donald J. Richardson Jr., Gail A. Richardson, Sandy L. Stanley, Ronald P. Richardson to Lori Anne Dexter, $88,000.

Ransom Road, Linda Aldinger to Jay A. Staskiewicz, Cynthia Staskiewicz, $29,000.


43 Briar Hill Road, Charles D. Renick Jr. to Prudential Residential Services, $214,900.

43 Briar Hill Road, Prudential Residential Services to Lee Baroldy, Roberta J. Baroldy, $123,900.

40 Vellors Ave., Ward M. Fitch, Karen M. Fitch to Linda G. Garland, $64,500.


11440 Olean Road, Joyce Monkelban to Roger F. Garbowski, Raymond S. Garbowski, $88,000.


512 Wendel Ave., Ruth M. Dudek, Matthew B. Dudek to Joseph C. Kurek, Joyce A. Kurek, $56,500.

72 William St., William G. Munschauer, Marylin R. Munschauer to Denise J. Munschauer, $55,000.


116 Wetherstone Drive, Lenore C. Wilson to Adelaide M. Ballesteros, $165,000.

144 Harlem Road, Ann Marie Wielgosznski to Sumner A. Wilder, Robin Croce, $79,250.

135 Barnsdale Ave., Ronald J. Hibit Sr. to John J. Sadewater, Katie L. Sadewater, $75,000.

1150 Orchard Park Road, Wm. Specialty Mortgage to Kevin D. Flattery, $64,900.