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If some poor teenager was found using or selling drugs, he would at best be put on probation, or given jail time that could ruin his life.

These overpaid athletes we saw before us should spend a little time in jail. Does a big salary excuse their behavior?

What mother, father, coach or school principal would want their child to follow the example of these baseball players? What parent or sports organization would want any child filling their blood stream with steroids or other performance-enhancing drugs?

Mark McGwire and these other men should not be considered for any Hall of Fame. They do not deserve to be in the company of Mantle, DiMaggio or Ruth.

These men and Major League Baseball had and have a responsibility to set a good example for youth all over the world. These men who have used and written about using these drugs have shown no humility and have squandered the opportunity to show that example.

Anne Brierley


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