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The caller was clearly distressed, and he gave his takeout order with a sense of urgency. Gooo to go, remembers Shelly Schratz, owner of Bing's restaurant, who took the call. The gentleman caller's wife was miserable, he told Schratz in no uncertain terms. She was in dire need of Gooo, a decadent dessert that combines vanilla ice cream with hot fudge, caramel, chocolate syrup and crushed Oreos.

Schratz's sister, Paula, created the concoction 15 years ago when she needed to whip up a quick dessert for her five hungry sons. The kids went gaga over the Gooo, so Shelly, the longtime owner of the Kensington Avenue restaurant, added it to Bing's menu and introduced the dessert at the Taste of Buffalo. "People savor every bite of it," says Schratz. "At the Taste, I've watched them slowly lick the spoon and the cup, eat their way through the festival, and come back for more Gooo on the way out."

Rich and delicious, Gooo is an antidote to what ails you. Whether it's the stress of tax time, budget battles, or a cranky spouse, Gooo eaters are -- at least temporarily -- soothed and ready to meet life's challenges. "I've seen couples who don't talk while they're having dinner, but once they order Gooo and start sharing it, they comment on how delicious it is, they open up, and the evening ends on a positive note," says Schratz. "The cool, sweet, crunchy taste takes you back to everything you liked as a kid."

-- Brenda Alesii

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