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The Problem Mooradian Road is very short, less than a quarter- mile, but for more than a few Niagara Falls residents, it's a favorite shortcut.

Drivers heading down Factory Outlet Boulevard toward Niagara Falls Boulevard can take a left on Mooradian and get to the parking lot of the Tops

But Fix It reader Charles Wythe complained that the road is in such bad shape, with rolling bumps and deep potholes, that it "resembles the old Comet roller coaster at Crystal Beach, but that ride was smoother."

Who's Responsible

Joseph Palka, director of the streets division for the City of Niagara Falls Department of Public Works and Parks, said he had not received any other complaints about Mooradian, but that he would send a crew to do some patch work on the street.

As for repaving the street, Palka said, "I have to talk to the city engineer. It could be bad sewer lines underneath causing the problem. It's not just the top part of the street. It could be so far gone, it could be a milliondollar job for that one street."

The city prioritizes road repair, Palka said, and Mooradian isn't on the list.

Fix us

Last week, we said that two-way traffic on Washington Street might be extended to North Street. That would be a problem since Washington Street ends at High Street. The item should have said two-way traffic on Washington Street might be extended to High Street.

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