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"I couldn't speak above a whisper . . . I felt like blood was coming through my skin. I felt like I'd just found out I was adopted," says Jane Fonda to CBS' Lesley Stahl on "60 Minutes" to be aired on Sunday. She was referring to her second husband, Tom Hayden, who fell in love with someone else.

In this amazing interview, Jane tells Lesley how she allowed her three husbands to reinvent her. She comments on Hayden's influence over her and then tells of Ted Turner coming along, calling her up the day after news of her divorce from Hayden was published in the newspapers. She put him off until he turned on his Southern charm three months later.

"He went after me and dropped on his knees, recited poetry he'd written in high school . . . it was irresistible," Fonda says. Even after dumping her because she had become a Christian, Turner still sees Fonda. He occasionally fishes at her ranch. They recently went on a yacht cruise together. They remain close.

There is much more soul-searching by the controversial actress in this interview, including all the carrying on and menage a trois business demanded by her first husband, the French director Roger Vadim. That has already been printed. These are other tidbits from her autobiography "My Life So Far," coming out next week. Jane says she sometimes solicited prostitutes for sex with Vadim because she was afraid he'd leave her otherwise, "and I couldn't imagine myself without him." Asked why she would write about such matters, Fonda says, "I knew that if I didn't really fess up about how far I went in the betrayal of my heart, that it would not make the journey that I've been on as important and as poignant."

Jane tells Lesley she has no regrets about her 1972 trip to North Vietnam, but she now feels her photo visit to an anti-aircraft gun site used to shoot down U.S. pilots was "a betrayal" of the U.S. military, its soldiers and "the country that gave me privilege." She regards this "Hanoi Jane" event as one of the biggest mistakes of her life.

Speaking of Fonda, the trailers for her comeback comedy with co-star Jennifer Lopez are already in theaters and "Monster-in-Law" has the look of a splendid farce. In this one, Jane is the disapproving mother-in-law.

I was sitting in Swifty's nifty little cafe the other eve when I heard across the room the dulcet tones of my longtime friend, Elaine Stritch, saying the words "Jane Fonda, Jennifer Lopez, etc." There was the splendid Miss Stritch dining with the New York Post's theater maven, Michael Reidel, who turns out to be nothing like the Rialto hatchet man of legend. He is young, smart and good-looking.

This twosome was discussing the Fonda film, and it turns out that not only does Jane play a harassing mother-in-law, but Elaine plays Jane's harassing mother-in-law whose best line in the movie, made to Jane, turns out to be, "You look soooo old!"

So, who showed up at Elizabeth Taylor's annual Easter fete at her Bel Air home? Candice Bergen, Nastassja Kinski, Lionel and Nicole Ritchie, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Brandon Davis and Mischa Barton, the hottest girl on Fox's "O.C." series. Miz Liz provided a petting zoo, Easter egg hunt, temporary tattoo booth and other fun things. Best news of all? The star stayed with her guests and mingled in lively fashion for at least three hours. She has been known to give parties and then never appear.

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