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Riding a wave of recent success, the quintet Matt Pond PA continues to generate buzz. After a move from Philadelphia to New York City and a change to Altitude Records, the group has been unstoppable, while continuing to maintain its unique style.

Come see them play at 10 tonight in Nietzsche's, 248 Allen St. Tickets are $7 at the door. Opening bands include the Stay Lows and Vox Humana. Matt Pond PA will also be putting on a free in-store performance at 7 tonight in New World Record, 765 Elmwood Ave.

We talked to singer-songwriter Pond by phone.

The band's been mentioned in both the New York Times and Rolling Stone magazine in the past year. Is all of the attention affecting your music and the band as a whole?

I don't think that being mentioned in any magazine would ever affect our music. Of course, since then some people have thought that they've needed more pampering, more soft linens and Cristal and fancying themselves little English lords. My band mates Dan Crowell and Brian Pearl, they're the ones. You can tell from all the makeup they wear.

How many times have you watched the episode of "The O.C.," where your cover of the Oasis song "Champagne Supernova" is played?

This is strange. While I watch "The O.C." sometimes - yes, that's right; I watch "The O.C." sometimes - my impulse to do so isn't heightened by the prospect of hearing our music. While I like our songs - and hope to continue liking our songs and writing songs and playing shows and all of that - actually I feel a little sick when I hear ourselves on the television. Maybe just heartsick that Mischa Barton doesn't know that we would be perfect together. Perfect.

How would you describe your music?

I think we make rock music. Maybe pop music? And from there, try to orchestrate ourselves in a way that makes the instruments relevant, not flourishy. There's no way that last word is a word. I think we make the music that we make. It's either hard to describe, or I'm lazy.

How does having a cello on stage add to your music?

The cello is vital. It's a part of what we do. Not for being some kind of novelty but for being integral to our songs. Plus, it's not only the cello - it's Eve (Miller) who plays the cello. She is unbelievable.

How often is the band touring?

We tour a good bit. Maybe not always the most well-planned tours. But for the most part, we like playing. I'm going to practice my "tour napping" after I'm done with this.

You've released five studio albums and four EPs. What's next?

We've recorded all the basic tracks for our next release. Release. That word is kind of gross - but saying, "We've recorded the basic tracks for our next record" seems redundant. And I don't like saying CD. I just don't. The next record the group is putting together - which is indeed a group, more than the name Matt Pond PA would suggest. Brian Pearl, Dan Crowell, Eve Miller, Daniel Mitha all performed amazingly during recording. Hopefully they will not read this and have their egos germinated. It's only a matter of time before they start trying to take over. Good. Now I sound paranoid. Which I believe is the ultimate purpose of any interview.

- Mike Regan, Special to The News