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Come warm weather, one of the simplest and most inexpensive ways to bring "the bling of spring" to your home and garden is to paint the front door.

"If you're a trend follower, think about a cool aquamarine or the bold impact of citrus brights such as a punchy yellow or spring green. More traditional? Navy is the new red," suggests Knight Ridder Newspapers.

You can coordinate your new look by adding containers full of plants that accent the color, along with a fresh door mat, new house numbers and a wreath or other artwork.

Come inside

One way to freshen up indoors is to rearrange the living room furniture. "Changing the way a room is laid out can bring an instant freshness even to pieces you've owned forever. Sometimes it's as simple as pulling the sofa out into the room a little bit, or cozying up a couple of chairs to make a more intimate conversational area," Knight Ridder further advises.

The best thing about rearranging the furniture is that you can always move it back if you don't like it.

Let it shine

Here are two tips for cleaning your windows this spring, from SC Johnson company, manufacturer of household cleaning and other products:

Use inexpensive paper towels. Premium towels may seem absorbent but can contain wetting agents, dye and other additives, which may rub off on glass.

Wash windows in the morning and avoid sunny days. Sunlight can heat up windows causing the washing solution to dry too quickly, which deteriorates the shine.

Plant sale

The deadline is Tuesday for pre-orders for the "Great Garden Plant Sale," an annual fund-raiser for the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens. There are 40 annuals and perennials offered this year. "Many have been grown here so they are acclimated to our region and should thrive here," says Cherie Messore, marketing manager.

Prices begin at $2.65 per pack of four. Photos, descriptions and order forms are available at the Garden's Web site,, and also at the Gardens, 2655 South Park Avenue.

Also: the Garden's spring flower show ends Sunday. Admission is free today only (10 a.m. to 5 p.m.) Regular admission applies Saturday and Sunday.

And finally . . .

"My philosophy on neatness is that I'll never look back on my life and think, "Thank goodness I did the dishes every day. I'm glad I spent so much time vacuuming.' I will always wish for more time spent with my family and friends, enjoying the things I love." Not So Neat in N.Y.C. - from a Dear Abby column.