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In one of her first pronouncements as our new Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice said, "Now is the time for diplomacy." One can only wonder what Colin Powell has been doing for the past four years. I guess she means it's back to the "conservative" diplomacy of President Bush. It is quite apparent that his "diplomacy" finds no middle ground. As he sees it, everything is either good or evil, right or left, with us or against us, our way or no way. Compromise is a sign of weakness.

Rice and Bush have been gadding about the world trying to change this perception of our foreign policy. However, his nominee for ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton, seemingly gives just the opposite idea. This man has been a very vocal critic and openly hostile to this body.

Bush's latest nominee is Paul Wolfowitz for president of the World Bank. This is the "brain" who has advocated the war in Iraq since 1995. We were told that the war would be quick, we would be welcomed by Iraqis and oil revenues would pay for almost everything. Needless to say, his pre-emptive war has resulted in thousands of deaths and the monetary cost is $200 billion with no end in sight. Is this the man to run the World Bank?

Henry Stahl Jr.