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The last act of the current City Council on Wednesday included approving two new full-time positions in the city's Law and Economic Development departments.

A position of junior account clerk with a salary of $38,233, including benefits, was created to work in foreclosures at the request of the Law Department.

Funds from an account used for foreclosure proceedings will cover the additional salary.

The city will be able to complete two foreclosure sales in 2005, instead of the usual one, with the help of the clerk, said Corporation Counsel Ronald D. Anton.

The last sale netted $700,000, he said.

"Sometimes you have to spend money to make money," Anton told the Council before its vote.

The position is expected to last for one year only, to help create needed revenue in 2005, he said.

A position of tourism and business development manager was approved at a salary of $42,000 plus benefits.

Though the manager will be a city employee, the salary will be paid by the Niagara Falls Urban Renewal Agency, which gets its funding from a mix of federal and other sources but not the city budget, Mayor Vincenzo V. Anello said.

The position had been included in a plan to reorganize the city's Economic Development and Community Development departments into a separate entity, approved Oct. 26, by the Council.

The tourism manager will oversee the way the Niagara Tourism and Convention Corp. spends the $2 million of bed tax and casino revenues; act as liaison to the Conference Center Niagara Falls, which is also set to receive casino revenue; and perform other public relations duties.

Though a candidate has not been chosen, Anello said, he is seeking applicants outside City Hall and expects to make a decision next week.

The Council also set a public hearing for Jan. 10 on the city's sale of a piece of land next to the Jefferson Apartments on Rainbow Boulevard to Jefferson Hotel Associates LLC, the developer set to turn the building into a hotel.

The 13,200-square-foot parcel on Third Street, directly north of the apartment building, is needed to make upgrades to the property and is set to be sold for $106,000.


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