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1. Who was the patriarch of the Barrymore acting family?

2. "Redoubt" and "Pogromni" have been active in Alaska. What are they?

3. The feminine counterpart of fox is . . .

4. Ida Saxton was the maiden name of the wife of which U.S. president?

5. What is an actuary?

6. The first roller coaster in the United States began operating in 1884. Where was it?

7. What is the origin of the expression "no rest (or peace) for the wicked"?

8. If a dancer shook every muscle "like jelly on a plate," the dancer was probably doing what dance?

9. Capricorn is the zodiac sign of what animal?

10. Name the noisiest of all insects.

11. In ancient Greek mythology, who was the young man who was loved by Aphrodite?

12. How many players does a hockey team put on the ice at one time?

1. Maurice Barrymore (1847-1905).

2. They are two of several active volcanoes.

3. Vixen.

4. William McKinley.

5. An expert in the mathematics of insurance.

6. Coney Island, New York.

7. It is from the Bible (Isaiah) where the line is "There is no peace, saith the Lord, unto the wicked."

8. The Shimmy.

9. Goat.

10. The cicada, a fly-like insect. The shrill sound made by the male can be heard a mile away. However, the cicada is underground and is seen only every 17th year including 2004.

11. Adonis.

12. Six.