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NeXt runs a Q&A with a high school student from Erie or Niagara County every week. If you'd like to be interviewed for this feature, send us a recent picture along with your name, school and phone number or e-mail address and we'll have someone interview you. Pictures should be mailed to NeXt/Buffalo News/P.O. Box 100, Buffalo NY 14240.

Name: Chloe Higginbotham

School: Park School

Grade: Sophomore

Interrogator: Joshua Bach What's your most unique hobby?

Longboarding or California skateboarding

Your favorite place to be in Buffalo? On Elmwood

Looks or personality?


How much money do you have on you right now?


Who do you idolize and why?

Lucille Ball, because she was the first female comedian

Fame or fortune?


Three things you would take with you on a deserted island?

CD player, sunglasses and gum

What is in your CD player right now?

Modest Mouse, "The Crowded Lonely West"

Favorite oxymoron?

Jumbo shrimp

Favorite day of the year?


Favorite chill spot?

The art room at Park

VH1 or MTV?

VH1 -- I love the '70s...'80s...and '90s

Does RACECAR spell RACECAR backwards?

"Yes, it does."

Favorite color?


Favorite TV show?

"The O.C." Greatest superhero?


What's your dream job?

Being an actress with MGM