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Frisking Evita ...

Actress-singer Patti LuPone isn't the first female airline passenger to complain about the humiliation of recently instituted security pat-downs at airports. But among the frisked, LuPone is the only one to have starred in "Evita" on Broadway, so when she griped to the media, she got invited on TV to repeat her tale of woe.

"I took off my belt, I took off my clogs, I took off my leather jacket" while waiting to board a plane earlier this month, LuPone said. "But when the screener said, 'Now take off your shirt,' I hesitated. I said, 'But I'll be exposed!'" LuPone said she was ordered to strip down to a see-through camisole in full view of other passengers.

The pat-downs went into effect Sept. 22, after officials said they suspected that women wearing explosives belts were responsible for the downings of two Russian airliners.

The 'Closer' game ...

Director Mike Nichols likes to talk about what's floating around in his head, but longtime partner Diane Sawyer won't always play that game.

Sawyer "doesn't answer the infamous question, 'Honey, what are you thinking?'" says the 73-year-old director.

Nichols said Sawyer told him his new movie "Closer" is about the importance of lying, "or maybe I should say withholding what's in a relationship."

"That's why she doesn't answer the 'what are you thinking' question. She wonders, 'Do you have the right to know what's in the other person's head even if you love them?'"

In "Closer," Julia Roberts stars as a photographer who is cheating on her not-so-nice doctor husband, played by Clive Owen. Roberts' character is having a fling with an obit writer played by Jude Law, who is lying to his much younger muse of a girlfriend, who works in a strip club that Owen's character frequents.

She's lovin' it ...

Looks like Heidi Klum has her eyes on the fries.

Yes, the Victoria's Secret supermodel has been tapped to supersize McDonald's public image, signing a two-year deal to endorse the hamburger giant, reports the New York Daily News.

"Heidi is the best partner. She's a young mother and represents modern lifestyle," said McDonald's spokesman Alexander Schramm.

Klum, who gave birth to a girl in May, admitted a taste for junk food long before landing her McDonald's gig.

"I like to be healthy and eat well, but I also like to have a good time and have an occasional glass of wine or french fries," Klum said in an interview earlier this year with the London newspaper the Mirror.

Back in the swim ...

Australian rock star-turned-lawmaker Peter Garrett was hospitalized after collapsing on a Sydney beach following a morning swim, authorities said.

Garrett, former lead singer of Midnight Oil, was taken by ambulance to Prince of Wales Hospital after collapsing on Maroubra beach in southern Sydney early Saturday.

He was discharged from the hospital Saturday evening, saying he would undergo further tests to determine why he had collapsed.

"It's good to be back on my feet again," he told reporters outside the hospital. "(There are) no obvious causes as to why this happened and we'll get some more tests and checks done next week."