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Nearly a month after Sen. John F. Kerry conceded Ohio to President Bush, complaints and challenges about the balloting are mounting as activists, including the Rev. Jesse Jackson, demand closer scrutiny to make sure the votes are being counted on the up-and-up.

Jackson held rallies in Ohio over the weekend to draw attention to the vote, and another critic plans to ask the State Supreme Court this week to decide the validity of the election.

Ohio essentially decided the outcome of the presidential race, with Kerry giving up after unofficial results showed Bush with a 136,000-vote lead in the state.

Since then, there have been demands for a recount and complaints about uncounted punch-card votes, disqualified provisional ballots and a ballot machine error that gave hundreds of extra votes to Bush.

Jackson said too many questions have been raised to let the vote stand without further examination.

"We can live with winning and losing. We cannot live with fraud and stealing," Jackson said Sunday in Mount Hermon Baptist Church.

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