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In recent weeks, there has been much discussion about Medicaid reform, higher taxes, which public officials say are responsible for our budgetary woes, and the possibility of curtailing needed community services.

What seems to be lost in the discussion is when there is going to be a real attempt by our county and state officials to actually sit down at a table and work it out before the possibility of a budgetary disaster actually becomes a reality.

If Erie County, with a population of almost a million people, allows its valued and extensive library system serving every age group and every economic group to lock its doors, it will become a symbol of a community that is dying.

Western New York has spent much time, effort and money in the past few years trying to attract new businesses to our area. The excellent quality of life that the many services in our community provide is one of the reasons that businesses move to the county. I strongly urge our elected officials to sit down together and work out a budget that will retain those necessary services at a cost we can all afford.

Penny F. Zeplowitz