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They call themselves progressives and, according to a News article, they're thinking about moving to Canada because President Bush was re-elected. How progressive can people really be if they cannot understand reality? The liberal diatribe from Hollywood, the media and academia is hopelessly dated. Moving to Canada won't solve their problem.

I was amused by the "intellectual lightweight" insults directed at Bush. The hilarious part is when one considers the sources. The president has a Harvard MBA. Is he an "intellectual lightweight?" I think not. I'd be willing to compare his intellectual achievements with the sources quoted in the article, as well as the script-readers in Hollywood who foolishly comment on intellectualism.

As for the progressives who mindlessly broke windows in the Republican headquarters in the Statler Towers and the military recruitment center in Tonawanda on election eve, perhaps now they understand why they're in an ever-increasing minority. But, it's still a free country. A move to Canada will certainly put them closer to the many fine restaurants in Toronto. Maybe they'll run into Alec Baldwin at the bus station.

Ray Caputo

Orchard Park