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We've all heard that New York is the highest-taxed state in the nation. The results of a study by the Business Council reveal why. The number of local government employees in upstate New York alone exceeds the national average by 95,000. In Erie and Niagara counties, we need to eliminate 4,300 local government jobs just to get down to the national average. That alone would save $200 million a year.

Now imagine the savings if we reduced the number of government employees in the state down to the national average. Someone please explain to me how raising more taxes will solve our problems, because it's obvious to me that it won't. Does anyone think for a minute that our "leaders" won't be back feeding at the trough again next year?

Here's a novel idea. Let's reduce the size of government and at the same time reduce the cost of Medicaid, a program that is excessive and growing out of control. The retirement and benefits programs for state employees should also be reduced to the national average. That will allow us to reduce our taxes, and might attract businesses and create jobs. Before you know it, we might actually have a legitimate economy driven by private sector jobs, as opposed to our current government driven economy. The bottom line is, government taking more of our money is not the solution.

John Schwab


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