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Where is the outcry? We read that the City of Buffalo has wasted a half a billion dollars intended for downtown revitalization and defaulted on millions in loans for programs that never got off the ground. Who is responsible? Buffalo doesn't need a mayor, Buffalo needs a manager, someone who knows what is going on under his watch.

And what has our county executive been doing these past several years? How come all of a sudden, Erie County is in such dire straits that either major services will be drastically curtailed or the sales tax will be raised -- again! Didn't we just do that a year or so ago? We are already one of the highest-taxed areas in the whole country. If he cuts all the services he threatens, our safety and quality of life will be in utter jeopardy.

Our "leaders" are leading us all right -- down a dismal path. They are not doing their jobs, they have been nothing but empty figureheads.

Beverly B. Cohen


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