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8 PM on Channel 2

Christmas in Rockefeller

The giant Christmas tree in New York's Rockefeller Center is a feast for the eyes. But the ears get a treat, too, in this special marking the lighting of the tree and the start of the holiday season. Harry Connick Jr., Ashanti, the Brian Setzer Orchestra and others are slated to perform at the event, which also includes appearances by Martin Sheen ("The West Wing") and other NBC stars. Al Roker and Ann Curry ("Today") are the hosts. (TVG) 4063
8 PM on Channel 4


A Navy commander makes it through open-heart surgery but then catches fire in the new episode "Heart Break." Was it spontaneous combustion, a freak accident or foul play? The NCIS team investigates and soon learns the commander had plenty of enemies. A young ensign is arrested, but things go horribly wrong as he's being taken into custody. Mark Harmon, Sasha Alexander, Michael Weatherly and David McCallum star. HDTV5721
8 PM on Channel 7

My Wife and Kids

In the new episode "The Wedding," Jr. and Vanessa (George O. Gore II, Brooklyn Sudano) tell their families the happy news about their engagement. Both of them get a crash course in In-Law Management 101 as they try to make the journey to the altar as smooth as possible. HDTV4301
8 PM on Channel 49

Gilmore Girls

Rory (Alexis Bledel) is asked to look after a prospective Yale applicant (guest star Sara Foret) from her old prep school, but the girl quickly darts out from under Rory's wing to go party. Lorelai's (Lauren Graham) purchase of a boat leads to her first argument with Luke (Scott Patterson). Matt Czuchry and Edward Herrmann also star in the new episode "But Not as Cute as Pushkin." (TVPG) HDTV1029276
8 PM on A&E


The new episode "Joel Rifkin" profiles the man known as New York's most prolific serial killer, tied to the deaths of 17 women. The adopted son of a Long Island couple, he was a social outcast in school and grew up with a fixation on prostitutes -- patronizing them and then killing them. In 1993, Rifkin was caught by state police, who were pursuing him for a traffic violation, with the body of his last victim in the back of his truck. (TVPG) 327301
8 PM on HGTV

Year 'Round Christmas

We've all said it: Wouldn't it be nice if the holiday spirit lasted all year? For the people and places profiled in this new special, it does. Viewers will meet folks who keep their December decorations up through the Fourth of July and beyond, and visit towns whose very names evoke Christmas, such as North Pole, Alaska. 8510059
8 PM on TBS

The Real Gilligan's Island

This new reality show takes the premise of the iconic 1960s sitcom and populates it with real-life counterparts of Gilligan and the gang: a skipper, millionaire and wife, movie star, professor and farm girl. As in the original, their goal is to get off the island. But we're betting their professor is no Roy Hinkley when it comes to making cool stuff out of coconuts. 945721
9 PM on Channel 7

According to Jim

He's Cheryl's (Courtney Thorne-Smith) doctor, but his orders are giving Jim (Jim Belushi) heartburn in the new episode "Poking the Bear." Mitch Rouse ("Strangers With Candy") guest stars as Cheryl's gynecologist, who insists she and Jim not have sex until it's time to conceive. Tom Arnold also guest stars. (TVPG) HDTV54450