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8 PM on Channel 51

The Santa Trap

Newly relocated with her family from New England to the Southwest, a young girl (Sierra Abel) refuses to believe Santa Claus doesn't exist in this 2002 comedy-fantasy movie. Her parents (Shelley Long, Robert Hays) and brother (Brandon Michael DePaul) don't think that Kriss Kringle lives, so the girl sets out to snare St. Nick (Dick Van Patten, "Eight Is Enough") and prove to her family -- and the world -- that he's real. (TVPG) 92051
8 PM on HBO

The Last Samurai

Tom Cruise demonstrates the way of the sword in director Edward Zwick's sweeping 2003 adventure. In 18th-century Japan, American military man Nathan Algren (Cruise) is recruited to teach then-modern techniques of warfare in preparation for a new global diplomacy. Eventually, Algren regrets opposing the Samurai warriors he's meant to depose. HDTV62321128
8 PM on TCM

The Lion in Winter

Katharine Hepburn won her third Academy Award for her work in this extremely literate, beautifully acted 1968 adaptation of James Goldman's play. Hepburn plays Eleanor of Aquitaine, who gets -- and stays -- in the face of her husband, King Henry II (Peter O'Toole), as he struggles to determine his successor to the throne. Anthony Hopkins and Timothy Dalton made early screen appearances here. 5741471
8:30 PM on Channel 29


In "Coast to Coast," a K-9 unit helps Jacksonville, Fla., police apprehend a robbery suspect. In Albuquerque, N.M., officers surprise a driver and passenger in a vehicle that's parked in a spot known for drug dealing. So it's no surprise to them when the passenger turns out to have heroin in his wallet. (TVPG) 18278
9 PM on Channel 4


Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and his team investigate the murder of a fellow NCIS special agent (guest star Tim Kelleher) in "Dead Man Talking." They start by reopening the case he was working on when he died: the robbery of a naval officer, now also deceased. The investigation leads them to a woman familiar with that case, who has some interesting information indeed. (TV14) HDTV7181

Anonymous Rex

The dinosaurs didn't become extinct. They just became masters of disguise and now live among us masquerading as humans. That's the premise of this new mystery thriller based on a novel by Eric Garcia. Lori Anne Alter, Sam Trammell, Daniel Baldwin and Faye Dunaway star in the tale of a detective investigating the death of his partner. 1173181

Big Fish

Director Tim Burton again uses his typical approach of merging fantasy and reality in this visually stunning 2003 drama. On his deathbed, a traditional exaggerator (Albert Finney) relates more tall tales of his allegedly colorful past to his estranged son (Billy Crudup), who has been lured back home by the family matriarch (Jessica Lange). HDTV7810520

10:30 PM on TCM

Lawrence of Arabia

After making "The Bridge on the River Kwai," director David Lean and producer Sam Spiegel reteamed on another epic, the saga of World War I officer T.E. Lawrence (Peter O'Toole). The Englishman befriends the Saudi Arabians during their battle with Turks, and the result made history. So did this 1962 film, which won seven Oscars including best picture. 2809075