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After reading the letters from disgruntled people upset about John Kerry's loss to President Bush, I have to say something: relax.

One man claims Bush will ignore the opinion of "humankind," and says he feels alienated from his own country. Whose "humankind" is he referring to? Bush won the election. The reality is, those against him are in the minority. Another says, "woe to America" because Bush is a "divider." What was President Clinton when he was elected in 1992 with 42 percent of the vote -- a "uniter"?

Another says, "Bush started the war, let him finish it." Do these people just ignore the fact that Kerry voted to go to war with Iraq, too? Do they think Bush woke up one day and said, "I think I feel like invading Iraq today"? Obviously, Iraq was a threat to us. Would you rather have buildings dropping left and right in the United States or in Iraq? Saddam was one of the most brutal dictators since Hitler. Stop listening to clueless people like Michael Moore and look at the facts.

People bring up the deficit. Obviously when we are in the middle of a war, the deficit will be higher. Would you rather have a bunch of 9/1 1s or a balanced budget? Besides, with the major upswing the economy is on, it should be cut in half by the end of Bush's term.

Dave Universal