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Shoe biz

For any woman who has asked herself, "Do I really need another pair of shoes?" and answered, "Yes! Of course I do," comes another book for the shoe-obsessed, "Heart and Sole: The Shoes of My Life" by Jane Eldershaw (St. Martin's Press, $14.95).

In the book, which was published earlier this year, author/illustrator Eldershaw recalls the most important shoes of her life -- her first pair of heels, her day-Glo pink sling-backs, her white go-go boots, her platforms, her stilettos -- and the lessons she learned from them.

One lesson: "Make footwear decisions based on how you want people to respond to you. . . . Your shoes can not only be appropriate for the occasion and the weather but can also display any emotion you want your audience to feel. Contempt, pity, envy -- it's all possible with the right shoes."

She also offers some practical advice on how to care for shoes, how to pick a good team of girlfriends with whom to go shoe-shopping, and more.
Fashion tip

Want an inexpensive way to jazz up your youngster's winter wardrobe this holiday season? Pick up some jingle bells and sew them securely on the cuffs of hats, the ends of scarves, even on hair accessories, recommends the special holiday issue of "Kids: Fun Stuff to Do Together" magazine.
Uggs! Ugh!

Joel Stein, a self-appointed arbiter of taste, has named Ugg boots "Product of the Year" in the winter issue of Time Style & Design.

"Though fashion editors have been declaring the sheepskin shoes dead every month since Daryl Hannah wore them, and only them, in the November 2003 issue of Playboy, they have not gone away," he writes in the special issue.

In a tribute to the boot he describes as "glorified Australian post-surfing socks," Stein speaks to Uggs everywhere, telling them: "You have been knocked off, sold in powder blue and pink, turned into men's shoes, and still you survive."
Fancy footwork

Listen up, Twinkle Toes. This season's fashionable man will be wearing . . . lime-green socks? The fashion word out there is that more men are wearing bright, multicolored striped socks -- in public.

Celebrity stylist Phillip Bloch told Newsweek magazine that they brighten dull trousers and "break the boredom of gray suits."

Styles to watch for include J. Crew's red and black stripes and H Hilfiger's hot pink and red numbers. Don't wear them with shorts or a kilt, Newsweek warns.

One fashion writer recently also cautioned against wearing them to job interviews, weddings or funerals.

And finally . . .

"You could be the squarest guy in the world, but if you wear your hat to the side, it gives you swagger."
Jay-Z, hip-hop mogul and owner of hundreds of hats, from In Style magazine