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What is happening to our values? Like so many Western New Yorkers, we make many visits each year to drop off goods and clothing we no longer use to organizations such as Goodwill and the St. Vincent DePaul Society. This enables those less fortunate to obtain goods and clothing needed for their existence at minimal or no cost.

The News article "The eBay way of life" accurately described how many people are shopping at institutions such as Goodwill in order to purchase goods that they can in turn sell on eBay for a profit. Such people are profiting from the generosity of their fellow citizens and removing goods for possible purchase by those in need.

The sellers think they are clever business people. In my opinion, purchasing donated goods for resale and profit reflects poor values. Such activities reflect flawed value judgments not far from what brought us scandals in Adelphia, Enron, MCI and too many others. Such activities are Robin Hood in reverse: Steal from the poor to give to the rich.

Arthur L. Haberman Jr.


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