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The Democratic Party performed poorly in this year's elections. The reasons? Michael Moore's flick. The convention itself, stressing character assassination instead of devoting time to actual platform programs. The demeaning of the incumbent as to his faith beliefs. And the constant dwelling on division.

A case in point: In the Nov. 8 News, Molly Ivins equated President Bush and his administration to a dead chicken hanging from the neck of a dog. Ivins said it will be positioned there until it becomes rancid and its stink permeates all. In closing, she stated that the smell will last for four years and this will change the attitude of voters.

This type of rhetoric, scurrilous and revolting in principle, will not garner her party's support. It is an insult to the voters' intelligence and counterproductive. It reduces the journalist to a tawdry level. Critique is good and essential, but not acceptable when it descends to such a level.

Joseph Hadrych


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