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We have met the enemy, and it is not Osama bin Laden, it is an American. Attorney General John Ashcroft, according to a Nov. 11 News editorial, is what is wrong with America. Never mind that on his watch America has been kept safe from another terrorist attack. The terrorists are not what we have to fear. Strong law enforcement and God are far more of a threat.

For not only does Ashcroft deny "rights" to prisoners suspected of terrorism, what's worse, he has the temerity to pray before he starts work. "He would have made a fine ayatollah," The News declared, equating Christians with the likes of bin Laden. Send us instead an emasculated attorney general, a non-believer, to protect us from the "radical right."

It's a comfortable position to take, isn't it? After all, should the nation follow The News' lead by weakening the Patriot Act while sweeping the government clean of religious people, and the terrorists have their way with us, then what would the headlines read? How could law enforcement allow this to happen?

Elaine Niver Dwyer


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