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Everybody should read between the lines of The News article, "The battle for parking." The city is in a fiscal crisis, so it's considering selling some of its ramps to make money. But at what cost?

The original parking group included a man named Bob Adam. Does this name ring a bell? It should. He ran AM&A's downtown. The goal was to bring more people downtown -- workers and shoppers -- and give them places to park at a fair price.

Do not blame the city's Parking Board or Buffalo Civic Auto Ramps for the fact that our downtown stores are no more. It is a fact that suburban malls are far more accessible and fewer people live in Buffalo today.

Privatization will likely result in increased parking fees. Will our current leaseholders be able to compensate their employees if they have to spend double the money each month for parking? This isn't progress. I see it as a step in the direction of turning downtown Buffalo into a ghost town.

Laurel Volkenner

West Seneca