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Are you a fan of strange and refreshing types of music? Do you like British-style rock? Techno? Sick of rap, sick of everything that sounds like everything else? Most importantly, do you like a band that plays fast-paced, high-energy music?

If so, have you heard of Franz Ferdinand?

The four men that make up this Scottish band (named for the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, whose assassination launched World War I) joined forces in 2001. According to their official European Web site, their main reason for starting the band was "to make music that girls could dance to."

They succeeded.

Perhaps you've seen the distinct cut-and-paste style music video for their hit, "Take Me Out." If so, you have a good idea of what their unique style is like. Their music is infectious; it settles itself into your brain and won't let go. And really, it's hard to want it to.

The self-titled CD starts out calmly, with lead singer Alex Kapranos' voice softly speaking the beginning of the first song, entitled "Jacqueline." Then enter bass, and drums, and when the chorus is reached, Franz Ferdinand is rocking.

And so goes the entire CD, never slowing down, at least not for long. The songs rely heavily on steady, fast beats, and repetition -- thus fans of techno would likely enjoy Franz. Each member of the band is definitely great at what they do, and together the effect is pleasant, and often thrilling.

There is not a single curse word on Franz Ferdinand's self-titled CD, yet many of the songs (especially the curious yet addictive "Michael") contain suggestive themes, so this is not a CD for everyone. But if you are a fan of fast, fun and intricate music, don't pass on Franz.

Cassie Lange is a sophomore at Grand Island