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Thankfully, with the end of the elections, the negative ads have disappeared. Regardless of whom you supported, this form of campaigning is a big turn off. What continues, however, is the name-calling from the "mainstream" media and Hollywood. The reaction from the left is disgusting, fascinating and comical at times. Molly Ivins likens the president to a rotting chicken carcass on our necks, as if the majority of Americans need to be taught a lesson for not listening to her and her ilk. Rod Watson blames the president for all of Western New York's woes. Maybe the local and state government have something to do with our plight?

The fact is there is a moral majority and it is alive and well. Had it not been for the Iraq war, a legitimate cause for disagreement with the president for many, the mandate would have been greater. Voters in "red states" don't see our president as anti-gay, anti-choice, far right and stubborn. Rather, he is pro-family, a man of faith and conviction and firm in his resolve. He is a leader, not a poll taker.

With the election over, now is the time for reconciling our differences and putting the needs of the country ahead of bruised egos. And now is the time for some to grow up, follow the lead of John Kerry and act with civility and grace. The people have spoken.

John Holder

Orchard Park

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