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8 PM on Channel 4


Two-time Oscar nominee and real-life World War II veteran Charles Durning guest stars in the new episode "Call of Silence" He plays a Medal of Honor winner who comes to the NCIS team with a shocking confession: He murdered his best friend . . . almost 60 years ago. HDTV1830
8 PM on Channel 7

My Wife and Kids

Rappers M.C. Lyte, Kool Moe Dee and Special Ed guest star as themselves in "The Return of Bobby Shaw." Bobby (guest star Katt Williams) is an old enemy of Michael's (Damon Wayans), who's just signed Jr. (George O. Gore II) to a questionable contract at his rap school. Michael challenges his old nemesis to a duel to get Jr. out of the deal. The weapon of choice: rap, of course. HDTV1762

My Architect

Nathaniel Kahn's 2003 documentary is a portrait of the father he hardly knew, acclaimed architect Louis I. Kahn, whose works include the Salk Institute in California. His personal life was not as well-designed, however; he had extramarital affairs and fathered children with two women. One of those children was Nathaniel, who while making the film connected with his father as "a man, not a myth." (TVPG) 8921149
9 PM on Channel 17


"Secret History of the Credit Card" investigates an industry that takes in $30 billion a year in sheer profit. The report notes that the average family carries 10 credit cards, and both debt and bankruptcy are at their highest levels ever. Among other things, the program addresses the political clout of the credit card industry, which has helped to keep regulations down and profits up. 11878

Destroyer: Forged in Steel

The U.S. Navy's Arleigh Burke destroyer is spotlighted in this new, hour-long special. These remarkable 500-foot ships are capable of attacking enemy targets from 1,000 miles, and defend themselves from attacks more than 100 nautical miles away. Viewers will see how one is built, equipped and tested before being deployed for duty. (TVPG) 609435
9:30 PM on Channel 2


Matthew Perry ("Friends") guest stars in "My Unicorn" as a young man whose father (Perry's real-life dad, John Bennett Perry) needs a kidney transplant. J.D. (Zach Braff) locates him in hopes of persuading him to donate a kidney to dad. Unfortunately, father and son have been estranged for some time, and J.D.'s interference causes more problems than it solves. Sarah Chalke and Donald Faison also star. (TV14) 42168
10 PM on Channel 2

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

A professor (guest star Billy Campbell, "Once and Again") is accused of sexual assault by a student in the new episode "Doubt." He's willing to cooperate fully, even offering to have his DNA tested. Sounds like an easy one, right? Not so fast. It's his word against hers when he declares that she came on to him. Mariska Hargitay and Chris Meloni star. (TV14) HDTV6385, 32743

Wing Nuts

It's not as nutty as the name implies, but this series does rely heavily on creativity. Meet Donovan: an artist whose new business is all about transforming vintage airplanes and munitions into functional furniture. He is joined by Dave, a former businessman who invested everything in the venture, and Tim, an ex-production designer with no obvious skills but a determined personality. In "A Wing and a Prayer," a DC-9 rear stabilizer becomes a desk. (TVPG) 459912