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8 PM on Channel 2

Fear Factor

If you've already started working up an appetite for Thursday, you don't want to know what's on the menu in the "Thanksgiving Show." In another stunt, contestants play both Pilgrims and pirates as they walk the plank of a 17th-century-style sailing ship while wearing a 10-pound ball and chain. (TVPG) 57498

Monster House

In "Tree House/Club House," a 10-year-old boy who's been living with leukemia since age 3 gets a clubhouse that'll be the envy of all his friends. In fact, their parents might not mind moving in. Among other things, it has a telescope in a rotating turret and a playroom with a big-screen TV and a state-of-the-art computer. (TVPG) 676629
8:30 PM on Channel 23

Half & Half

What would a family Thanksgiving be without a little conflict? There's plenty at Dee Dee's (Essence Atkins) in the new "The Big Thanks for Nothing Episode." First, there's a surprise visit from Ray (guest star Louis Gossett Jr.), Spencer's (Chico Benymon) dad, who's not thrilled to see his ex there. Speaking of dads, Mona (Rachel True) has a few words for her father about his treatment of her in childhood. 62984
9 PM on Channel 4

Everybody Loves Raymond

You can't blame Ray and Debra (Ray Romano, Patricia Heaton) if they want to outlaw in-laws after this Thanksgiving. For the first time, all the parents are at their house for the holiday -- Frank and Marie (Peter Boyle, Doris Roberts), of course, along with Debra's no-longer-wed folks (Katherine Helmond, Robert Culp) and Amy's (Monica Horan) arrow-straight mom and dad (Georgia Engel, Fred Willard). HDTV4174

The 100 Greatest TV
Characters of All Time

They come into our living rooms, and eventually they become part of our culture. This new five-part miniseries spotlights the most memorable characters in the history of television: those who have become pop icons and whose names have become shorthand in our language. The miniseries continues through Friday. (TVPG)

Heart of the Storm

As if Cassie Broadbeck's life weren't stormy enough -- what with raising two teenage daughters and coping with the breakup of her marriage -- along comes a hurricane, and with it, three escaped convicts who choose her home as their shelter from the storm. Melissa Gilbert stars in this new thriller, with Brian Wimmer ("China Beach") as her estranged husband and Tom Cavanagh ("Ed") as the fugitives' leader. 274218
9:30 PM on Channel 2

$25 Million Dollar Hoax

The truth comes out in the 90-minute episode "Finale," as Chrissy confesses to her family that she didn't win the lottery after all. Given that the "rich" Chrissy wasn't a very pleasant person, her loved ones may be relieved to learn she's still the same sweet young woman she was before the "win" -- that is, if they can get over the fact that she tricked them. (TVPG) 18919