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Road Trip

Tina and Steven continue their travels to Mount Rushmore in South Dakota in this episode. They meet up with cartoon characters and learn how to carve a mountain. They also visit the landmark Devil's Tower, and try their hands at herding cattle. The trip rounds up with a tour of Yellowstone National Park and some fly-fishing. (TVPG) 4829591
8 PM on HGTV

Holiday Gifts 2004

On the biggest gift-shopping day of the year, take an armchair tour of the country's biggest gift-shopping event. The New York International Gift Fair is not open to the public; rather, it's where retailers come to see what might be worth adding to their lines. Almost 3,000 exhibitors fill New York's Jacob K. Javits Convention Center to show their wares, which range from housewares and crafts to specialty foods and pet products. 8605171
9 PM on Channel 2

Tom Brokaw Retrospective

Less than a week before his scheduled final departure from the chief anchor's chair, Tom Brokaw's home network pays tribute to its elder news statesman. Brokaw's career has more than enough great moments to fill two hours; to name just a couple, he was the only network anchor to report live from the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the first to get an exclusive one-on-one interview with then-Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev. 1336
9 PM on Channel 4


Petty Officer Coates (Zoe McLellan) doesn't exactly have a squeaky-clean past, and she gets a blast from it in "There Goes the Neighborhood." An old friend of hers comes for a visit, and the next thing she knows, she's facing a murder charge. David James Elliott and Catherine Bell also star. HDTV6881, 44539

Silk Hope

A flighty woman returns to her hometown, where her reputation for partying and promiscuity have preceded her, and learns her mother has died and her sister wants to sell the family farm. Unwilling to let that happen, she puts her glamorous past behind her and becomes a textile-mill worker and a pig farmer in an effort to save the property. She even finds love with the mill foreman. Farrah Fawcett stars in this 1999 drama. 854510

Christopher Titus' Norman Rockwell is Bleeding

On a warm, fuzzy family holiday weekend, when many of us lament the fact that our reality falls far short of a Norman Rockwell painting, who better than Christopher Titus to put it in perspective? In this one-man show, on which he based his edgy sitcom, "Titus," he mines his own dysfunctional upbringing for comedy gold, even playing such unlikely topics as mental illness for laughs. (TV14) 329249
9 PM on TBS

Galaxy Quest

In this 1999 comedy, the make-believe series "Galaxy Quest" has been off the air for years, but fan conventions have been keeping the sci-fi series' cast busy. At one such event, the stars see nothing unusual in one particular group of costume-clad conventioneers. But wait until they find out these are real aliens, who think the "Galaxy Quest" footage they've been watching is actual history. Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver and Tony Shalhoub star. (TVPG) 5511249
9:30 PM on Channel 7

Less Than Perfect

Owen (Andy Dick) has two mommies, who both make themselves at home at GNB in the new episode "Mom's the Word." Judy (guest star Joanna Kerns) gives Will (Eric Roberts) relationship advice, while Judith (guest star Valerie Harper) plays party animal and encourages Carl and Ramona (Will Sasso, Sherri Shepherd) to do the same. A mysterious death ruins Lydia's (Andrea Parker) first Thanksgiving with Jeb's (Patrick Warburton) family. (TVPG) HDTV60539
10 PM on USA

Prancer Returns

The sweet sequel to the live-action feature "Prancer" stars John Corbett, Jack Palance, Stacy Edwards and Michael O'Keefe in the story of a misfit 8-year-old (Gavin Fink) who finds a baby reindeer and wants to reunite him with Santa Claus. Featured on the soundtrack are former Doobie Brother Michael McDonald, Grammy-nominated Nickel Creek and country singer Alecia Elliott. 328510