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I have just witnessed the most disgraceful display by any team, in any sport, that I've ever seen. The Buffalo Bills put forth such a pathetic effort against the New England Patriots that it has me wondering about reality.

Parity and the salary cap are two of the virtues of the National Football League. On any given week, any team can beat another -- except for the Bills when they play the Patriots in New England.

In a profound display of ineptitude, the Bills were so inferior to the Patriots that they did not seem to be in the same league. I saw Aaron Schobel rushing the quarterback from the perimeter all night, never getting a hand on Tom Brady and repeatedly taking himself out of the play. I saw Willis McGahee repeatedly running right into the pile instead of switching to the outside like he's done so successfully in the recent past. I saw no hint of determination by the offensive line to run block.

Bledsoe wasn't harassed too much. He didn't need to be. He was his usual self against the Patriots, throwing balls into the ground or into the hands of defenders, once again setting the standard for quarterbacking futility.

The defense, which had been admirable in defeat this season, was weak. It could not stop the run and got absolutely no pressure on the quarterback.

We all were witness to this disgusting display of athleticism and coaching. The Buffalo Bills were a complete joke last Sunday night. They had no reason to even be on the same field with the New England Patriots.

It's just so amazing that in a league with teams that are so evenly talented that one team could be so completely outmatched by another. The whole Bills organization should reflect on this debacle. There's definitely something wrong here.

John Swigonski

North Tonawanda

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