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Frontier Unit 116 of the American Contract Bridge League will sponsor a special game at 7 p.m. Saturday at the Buffalo Whist Club in Zion Church, Koenig Circle and Parker Boulevard, Town of Tonawanda.

Those who bring a can of food for City Mission will get $1 off their entry fee. Anyone who beats the champs -- Chris Urbanek and John Toy -- will win free play for a session at a sectional tournament. For information and partners, call Sharon Benz at 838-3654.

The Bridge Center of Buffalo, Sheridan Drive and Sweet Home Road, Amherst, will host a Swiss Team Pizza Party at 5:30 p.m. today. Sunday 1 1/2 1 Those who need partners may call Bob Feasley at 992-4320 or 597-1334.

The center's program of mentoring and supervised play continues on Tuesday mornings. To register, call Claire Gareleck at 835-0635. Partners are guaranteed.

The Amherst Bridge Club in the Game Zone, 3860 Sheridan Drive near Harlem Road, will hold a stratified pairs game at 11 a.m. Tuesday for all players with less than 2,000 master points. All Tuesday morning players can play again Saturday morning for $2.

The club will hold a stratified individual game for prize money and increased master points at 12:30 p.m. next Sunday. Preregistration is required. For information, contact club manager Bill Finkelstein at 836-7016 or email

Duplicate Scores

ABA Bridge Club -- North-south, Jannie Peteson and Garnet Wallace, 106; Cleveland Fleming and Thelma Daughry, 104; Modesta Echols and Marjorie Robinson, 100; east-west, Pleasant Thomas and Herbert Watson, 110; Shirley Thompson and David Mathis, 108; Mr. and Mrs. Wardell Lewis, 105.

Amherst Bridge Club Tuesday afternoon -- Less than 2,000 masterpoints, north-south, Jan Butler and Barbara Multerer, 58.80%; east-west, Ruth Jones and Ruth Hnath, 63.19%; less than 300 masterpoints, north-south, Jan Butler and Barbara Multerer, 58.80%; east-west, Otto Friedman and Walter Heilemann, 61.34%; less than 200 masterpoints, north-south, Jerry Bierman and Mike Silverman, 58.10%; east-west, Otto Friedman and Walter Heilemann, 61.34%.

Amherst Bridge Club Wednesday evening -- Unlimited masterpoints, 1st, Bill and Peg Reiker, 61.00%; 2nd, Betty Dorio and Dave Larcom, 56.00%; less than 1,750 masterpoints, 1st, Betty Dorio and Dave larcom, 56.00%; 2nd, Paul Libby and partner, 54.00%

Amherst Bridge Club Thursday afternoon -- Unlimited masterpoints, 1st, Mike Silverman and Jerry Bierman, 63.63%; 2nd, Marie Zayan and Eva Schmidt, 60.81%; less than 300 masterpoints, 1st, Mike Silverman and Jerry Bierman, 63.63%, 2nd, Robert Alan Davis and Lou Di Lorenzo, 50.96%.

Amherst Bridge Club Saturday afternoon -- Unlimited masterpoints, 1st, Sushil Amlani and Ann Hoylman, 63.00%; 2nd, Anne Watkins and Nita Ferrell, 53.00%; non-life masters, 1st, Anne Watkins and Nita Ferrell, 53.00%; 2nd, Jean Pardee and Carl Stone, 50.00%.

Amherst Senior Center Monday afternoon -- Section A: North-south, Rita Spada and Nancy Hakins, 60; east-west, Peg Gorham and Shirley Cassety, 65. Section B: North-south, Marie Suprinick and Ann Smith, 69, east-west, MaryAnn and Dick Urbanski, 56.

Amherst Senior Center Thursday morning -- North-south, Clint White and Herb Falk, 50; east-west, Peg Gorham and Shirley Cassety, 64.

B&P Amherst Friday morning -- North-south, Eleanor Wright and Dona Tepas, 141.5; Eleanor Wright and Dona Tepas, 141.5; east-west, Dorothy and Edward Rupp, 127.5; possible 216.

B&P Duplicate Monday morning -- North-south, Douglas Dean and Pol Akmon, 190; Linda Vasssallo and Wilson McClaren, 168; Eleanor Whelan and Nan Denn, 153; east-west, Patricia Rasmus and Kevin Gervase, 187.5; Dona Tepas and Shirley Lyth, 172.5; Dorothy May and Ken Meier, 168; possible 312.

B&P Duplicate Wednesday morning -- Howell, George Bills and Robert Linn, 51; Marian Morber and Jack Miller, 40; Beverly Cohen and Jim Mathis, 48.5; Margaret Miles and Laura Bylebyl, 38; possible 84.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Wednesday morning -- Betty Fudeman and Inge Gallant, 40.5; John Marvin III and Douglas Dean, 39; Donna Steffan and Judy Graf tied with Louise Mink and Claire Gareleck, 37; Susan Bergman and Charles Schorr, 36.5.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Wednesday evening -- Michael Ryan and Judy Graf, 76; Gerald Fried and Fred Yellen, 72.5; Betty Bronstein and Patricia Burns, 71.5; Robert Olin and Fran Kurtz, 71; Judith Marshall and Powhatan Wooldridge, 70.5; Eva Schmidt and Phyllis Wilkinson, 69.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Thursday evening -- Joe Peters and Mary Terrana, 64.83; Henry Chudy Jr. and Ruth Hnath, 62.5; Robert Olin and Betty Bronstein, 59; Diane Jeffrey and John Bielinski, 57.17.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Friday morning -- Betty Bronstein and Douglas Dean, 64.5; Judith Fischer and Patricia Burns, 62.5; Robert Olin and Gerald Fried, 60.90; Lance Pollock and William Rich, 56.40.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Friday evening -- Joe Peters and Brian Mampe, 32.5; Betty Bronstein and Richard Schad, 29.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Saturday morning -- Fred Yellen and Inge Gallant, 43; Stanley Kozlowski and Irving Jacobs, 40.5; Robert Olin and Douglas Dean, 38.5; Rhoda Jacobs and Jeanne Gladysz, 38.

Buffalo Whist Monday -- North-south, Sharon Benz and Joan Rose, 144; Bob Olin and Betty Bronstein, 101; Shirley Lyth and Joyce Kindt, 96; east-west, Bill and Peg Reiker, 120; Walter Olszewski and Mahondra Rana, 117.

Canterbury Woods Duplicate Wednesday -- Howell Movement, Jeanette Reid and Richard Munschauer, 28, possible 45.

Clarence Senior Center Thursday (Nov. 4) -- Swiss. Gail O'Meara and Mary Timby, 62; Lil and Bob Reynolds, 45.

College Club Duplicate -- Howell, possible 54; 1st, Mary Bertell, Betty Loucks, 27.5; 2nd, Nina Kolbe, Mary O'Connor, 27; 3rd, Neola McGuire, Parm Murphy, 25.

Delaware Wednesday evening -- North-south, Walter Heilemann and Joyce Kindt, 81; east-west, Chuck Heimerl and Frank Schlehr, 93; possible 140.

Hamburg Senior Duplicate Monday night -- Marie and Robert Winkler; Marge Kohl and Dolores Warmuz; Ray Stoklosa and Mary Jane Malaszek.

Humboldt Tuesday -- North-south, Beulah Thomas and Helen Colbert, 105; Marjorie Robinson and Modesto Echols, 100; Debra Charles and Neola McGuire, 96; east-west, Cynthia Brown and Huanita Tillman, 102; Ken Dubel and Mary Scoffield, 100; Shirley Thompson and Dave Mathis, 98.

Lockport Duplicate Tuesday evening (Nov. 9) -- North-south, Strat A: Bert Hargesheimer and Christy Kellogg, 118.5; Strat B: Mercedes Reinbolt and Bettie Lennon, 78.5; east-west, Strat A: Dan and Elve Johnston, 108.5; Strat B: (tie) Jane Whitmore and Alex Miller, 100; Lou DiLorenzo and John Meindl, 100.

Lockport Duplicate Tuesday evening (Nov. 13) -- Bob Linn and Kevin Gervase, 49; Peg and Bill Reiker, 45; Anne Clancy and Lois Smith, 42; (tie) Audrey Adams and Florence Smith, 37; Ted Kahn and Marge Schomers, 37.

Orchard Park Tuesday evening -- North-south, Maria and Bob Winkler, 126; Jane Clarke and Joanne Eckhardt, 120; east-west, Ruth Healy and Ruth Killeen, 139.5; Marion Guglielmi and Mary Schneider, 130; possible 216.

Sunday Dinner Bridge Club -- Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Akman tied with Mr. and Mrs. Lis Lauck, 27.5, possible 56.

Town of Tonawanda Senior Center -- North-south, Alice Cornell and John Wolf, 68; east-west, Sue and Frank Riccio, 78; possible 144.

Town of Tonawanda Senior Center Wednesday -- North-south, Sue and Frank Riccio, 59.5; east-west, Jane and Tom Gibbons, 59; possible 100.