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A few running shorts collected before it's time to put them away for the season:

Allison Carr, who has sewn up her second Buffalo News Runner of the Year title with an insurmountable lead and only the Turkey Trot left, is looking to take the Rochester series as well.

Carr took over first place in the Rochester Runner of the Year series with her victory at Johnny's Run Like Hell 5K on Oct. 30, running a 17:39, which was good enough for eighth place overall behind some pretty quick men. Then she came back home to take first at the Bob Ivory 5K on Nov. 7, running an even quicker 17:31 in an even quicker field, finishing 15th overall.

"Yeah -- lots of driving this year," said Carr, who's won some prize money as well this season and is running better than she's run since her Penn State days. "I'm sure that I won't be competing for both (runner of the year titles) next year."

Mike Heitzenrater, who has already clinched his fourth consecutive Buffalo News title, did not run the Bob Ivory race, but there was a familiar name atop the results.

Jim Dunlop, who was nearly unbeatable during his prime in the 1990s, had retired from competitive racing to spend more time with his family after the birth of their third child.

Yet there was Dunlop, running a 16:04 to outleg Bach Weslow by five seconds at the Ivory Run. Does that sound like retirement to you?

Dunlop was the News runner of the year in 1993, '96 and '99, and had won six consecutive Corporate Challenge runs before calling it quits to competitive racing two years ago. Or so he said.

With less than a week to go before the Turkey Trot, race director Tom Donnelly reports that about 2,700 runners have registered. Last year there were a record 5,659 finishers in America's oldest consecutively run road race.

Whether we break the record again in this 109th Trot depends on the weather leading up to the race. Remember the two feet of snow that crews valiantly cleared before the 2000 race? But the people at the YMCA have made it as easy as possible to register for the race, set for 9 a.m. at the Delaware YMCA just south of Kenmore Avenue. You can get applications at any Y branch or Wegmans. Or you can go online to register at

To see who has registered already, go to Don Mitchell's Runtime Services Web site,

Checkers Athletic Club produced some champions in Pete Glavin's Upstate New York Cross Country series that ended last week. For the first time, the Checkers women knocked off the Genesee Valley Harriers as women's open team champion. The Checkers men won in the masters and veterans categories.

What's in the water out in Akron? Three of the top 10 men in the News series -- Jeff Gruendike, Dan Courtney and Weslow -- all hail from the tiny village of 3,000 or so residents in eastern Erie County. It must be those hills leading into Akron Park.

I've had more than my share of injuries over three decades of running, but despite too many falls on icy roads and leaf-covered roots, I've never broken a bone running.

Yet here I sit with a fractured elbow, in the first year of fairly serious bicycling as my designated cross-training. I came around a slick corner too quickly, came down hard on my elbow and hip, and now I'm reduced to gimping and wincing.

I ask not for your sympathy, but patience as to where this column has been the last few weeks. I finally can type again.

Runners and bicyclists are gathering again at the Park Lane from 6-8 p.m. on Dec. 16 for Toys for Tots. Checkers A.C., the Buffalo Bicycle Club, Buffalo Triathlon Club and the Niagara Frontier Bicycle Club are encouraging their members to come with a toy or two for free hors d'oeuvres and two for one drinks.

"In the past, we have donated so many toys the Marines had to send replacements," said Don Stefanski, a cyclist, runner and triathlete who helped organize the event four years ago.

Tony Diamond, who won the 1944 Turkey Trot and came back to run it 50 years later, says he'll be here Thursday to run the 60th anniversary of his win. Diamond, 75, still worksfor NASA in Washington, D.C.

Upcoming races

Turkey Trot, 109th consecutive running, 8K, YMCA, 2564 Delaware Ave., (Buffalo News Runner of the Year race) 9 a.m., Thurs., 875-457, or 875-1283, or; Reindeer Run, 5K, Medaille College through Forest Lawn, 10 a.m., Dec. 4, 884-3411, ext. 130; Jingle Bell Run for Arthritis, 5K, ECC City Campus, 10:30 a.m., Dec. 10, 662-9379.

BUFFALO NEWS RUNNER OF THE YEARStandings after The Bob Ivory Run

Pos. Runner Town
1) Michael Heitzenrater, N. Tonawanda....64
2) Jeffrey Gruendike, Akron....41
3) Matthew Glynn, Buffalo....38
4) Steve Bohan, Buffalo....31
4) Bob Carroll, Orchard Park....31
6) Dan Courtney, Akron....24
7) Todd Witzleben, West Seneca....20
8) Michael Deren, Blasdell....14
8) Bach Weslow, Akron....14
10) Patrick O'Connor, East Aurora....13
Pos. Runner Town
1) Allison Carr, West Seneca....80
2) Amy Fakterowitz, Kenmore....51
2) Elizabeth Martin, Buffalo....51
4) Judy Arlington, Lockport....41
5) Christy Petry, Buffalo....36
6) Rebecca Heuer, Orchard Park....22
7) Carolyn Nugent, Amherst....21
8) Jeanne Chiaramonte, North Tonawanda....20
9) Shannon Crane, Depew....17
9) Susan Munson, Orchard Park....17
9) Brenda Spillman, Buffalo....17
9) Mellisa Terwilliger, Blasdell....171

20-24 -- 1. Geoffery Koch (10) 2. Paul Mesi, Todd Witzleben (6)

25-29 -- 1. Michael Heitzenrater (21) 2. Jeffrey Gruendike (15) 3. Steve Bohan (10)

30-34 -- 1. Matthew Glynn (14) 2. Scott Simon (11) 3. Kevin Burke (7)

35-39 -- 1. Chris Mattingly (10) 2. Bach Weslow (9) 3. Joseph Biasillo (8)

40-44 -- 1. Patrick O'Connor (15) 2. James Waldron (12) 3. Rich Grimm (7)

45-49 -- 1. Bob Carroll (23) 2. Dan Essler (9) 3. Joseph Campbell (6)

50-54 -- 1. Ted Paget (24) 2. Stephen Forrestel (20) 3. Fred Lew (4)

55-59 -- 1. David Peterson (23) 2. Fran Emmerling (11) 3. Michael Harrison (5)

60-64 -- 1. Robert Bitner (23) 2. Bill Steffenhagen (16) 3. Paul Collard (15)

65-69 -- 1. Paul Yerich (12) 2. George Markoff (11) 3. Salvatore LaMastra (10)

70-74 -- 1. Joseph Antkowiak (30) 2. Carl Pegels (20) 3. Philip Reynolds, Ted Sullivan (3)

75-79 -- 1. Richard Sullivan (30) 2. Sandy Bueme (16) 2. Jack O'Sullivan (9)

80 & Over -- 1. Henry Sypniewski (24) 2. Charles Bauer (15) 3. Alfred Riester, John Senneff (1)
20-24 -- 1. Elizabeth Martin (20) 2. Christy Petry (10) 3. Carolyn Nugent (7)

25-29 -- 1. Allison Carr (24) 2. Bonnie Symes (9) 3. Kate Mayhook (5)

30-34 -- 1. Jennifer Hulme (18) 2. J. Rockenseuss (9) 3. Amy Hurta (8)

35-39 -- 1. Amy Fakterowitz (20) 2. Judy Arlington (13) 3. Brenda Spillman (8)

40-44 -- 1. Jeanne Chiarmonte (23) 2. Debra Morris-Allen (7) 3. Susan Munson (6)

45-49 -- 1. Carolyn Corgel (20) 2. Sue Panaro (13) 3. Brigitte Soltiz (9)

50-54 -- 1. Maureen LaChiusa (13) 2. Christine Naples (10) 3. Peggy Towers, Linda Zukowski (8)

55-59 -- 1. Joanne Cunningham (17) 2. Judy Mowery (16) 3. Patricia Kunselman (13)

60-64 -- 1. Molly Thayer (21) 2. Barbara Slivan (19) 3. Fran Rowe (8)

65-69 -- 1. Helen Botti (30) 2. Edye Radice (21) 3. Lois Balafas, Edith Malizia (2)

70 & Over -- 1. Helen Bueme (23) 2. Gloria Santarpia (21) 3. Edna Hyer (9)

Complete Results available at


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