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A commission will be formed early next year to modernize the City Charter, Mayor Michael W. Tucker said Friday.

"It's very, very ancient," he said. "There's some things in there that shouldn't be in there. . . . There's something in there that a horse can't go more than 2 1/2 mph while dragging steel down Main Street."

But Tucker promised that there will be no major changes in the structure of government, including a couple of unique voter-friendly Lockport rules: that the city budget must be adopted a month before the November election, and that elected officials may be granted pay raises only in July of city election years. The theory is that voters can quickly dump the incumbents if the tax rate or the salaries displease them.

"We wouldn't change that," Tucker said. "The budget should be passed before an election."

The city passed its budget six weeks late this year; Tucker submitted it late because he was waiting for contracts to be settled with the major city unions so accurate salary costs could be included. He said he wouldn't have done that if city offices had been on the ballot this year.

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