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I love it. The political corpse of John Kerry isn't yet room temperature, Molly Ivins has had time to publish only one hate-Bush column and the Democratic Party is still on life support after its Nov. 2 stroke. So, in rides The News to rescue suicidal Western New York liberals with its front-page story of the party's savior, Saint Hillary. Somebody pinch me, this is almost too much to hope for. Clinton is yet another in a long line of liberal Northeastern governors or senators good for between 45 and 48 percent of the vote. She's just the right choice to convince conservatives there is no right or wrong, no black or white. That God must be packaged and placed on a shelf, only to be unwrapped under the most dire circumstances.

After investing years attempting to convince friends, relatives and co-workers that liberalism is unacceptable to the vast majority of people in this country, I have forever given up that quest. My deepest desire now is for liberals to continue to dig in and drag the Democratic Party further down the road to political insignificance.

Please spend the next four years advancing your out-of-the-mainstream agenda. Please continue to obstruct the president as he tries to fix Social Security, the tax structure and Medicare. Being a selfish conservative, I'm not satisfied with 55 seats in the Senate, or a 30-plus seat majority in the House. I long for much larger margins.

Michael Pukajlo

North Tonawanda

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