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The News article on parking was quite upsetting to read. I came into work the next day and my co-workers were upset and talking about it. This city is constantly talking about how it is declining and how it can't afford to pay for this and pay for that. There is also talk about how to get more people to come downtown for events.

How does the city expect this to happen if the cost of parking rises? I think this is absolutely ridiculous. I have been working downtown for the past seven years. Every month, I struggle to write that check for parking.

The citizens of Buffalo are paying the salaries of all these politicians who have screwed up our city. Everything here is declining. I love this city, but raising the price of parking is not going to help things. There has got to be another way.

Buffalo Civic Auto Ramp has been very kind in not raising the cost of parking since I started working downtown, and it would be nice to keep it that way. A hike in parking fees is just going to cause individuals to move out of the city and keep businesses from moving in. Enough is enough!

Frances Pici


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