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A recent letter writer has taken exception to the progressive leanings of Molly Ivins. Here's a news flash to all of the morally righteous people out there: This country was not founded on morals but on freedom.

Yes, freedom of religion is one of these freedoms. But so is freedom of expression, and from where I sit, Ivins was merely exercising one of her constitutional rights. If the writer is so distraught over opinions that differ from hers, I suggest she find a country to emigrate to where everyone thinks, acts and speaks the same. The last time I checked, this was called a dictatorship.

Lately, it seems that those who disagree with the so-called new majority are informed that if we don't like it, we can leave. Well, just because I disagree with almost everything President Bush stands for, I am no less an American than anyone who drapes himself in the cloak of morality. I have no intentions of leaving my country, just as I am sure that those on the other side have no intentions of leaving their country.

Dick Piechowicz


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