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Rod Watson's Nov. 4 column was divisive; it offered no hope and no solutions. If we put some effort into supporting those in office, we might make some progress. It is not easy to support those with opposing values, but one way I try to do it is by not openly bashing them. It is easier to reason with people who are not constantly defending themselves to others.

I think healing will take place when we agree to work with each other. Most people in this nation want the same things. We want our freedoms, safety, health, education and employment. But we do not agree on how to maintain it. Instead of looking at those with opposing ideals as the enemy, let us reason together, listen to each other and put each other on the same level.

If we really respect each other, we may make some progress. If we really love each other instead of merely tolerating each other, we might see this nation come together. If we reach out to those in need instead of complaining about the government not doing it, we will see some improvements. If we reach toward improving our relationships with those "in our world," we will see a ripple effect in our neighborhoods, cities, states and this nation. Then we will see a true healing.

MaryAnn Maciag