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Q. How did you become a guest host on NFL Network's "Total Access" show in the offseason and part of a player roundtable on ESPN during the NFL draft?

A. It was something I was interested in doing because it gave me an opportunity to show I had other talents other than on the football field. I feel it's something that comes natural to me because it fits my personality.

Q. Did you get a different perspective of the media working on the other side of the camera?

A. Definitely. You get a new respect for the media because it's a different challenge. Once you're the one being asked questions all the time it gets kind of redundant. But on the other side of the camera you have to switch your whole tone, your facial expressions and your whole approach.

Q. Is television work in your future once you retire?

A. I probably will pursue it. That's why I do a lot of things in the offseason to try and prepare myself for that. It's something I enjoy doing and hopefully I'll get that opportunity once my playing days are over.

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