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Members of Walt Disney World's largest union group, representing 40 percent of the resort's 51,000-person work force, late Thursday approved a three-year contract proposal as the current contract was set to expire.

The vote -- the fourth attempt at passage -- was 3,771 for the contract, 2,669 against.

Under the contract proposal:

Nontipped workers who currently earn top scale, about $11.12 an hour, would receive a 20-cents-an-hour increase and a lump-sum bonus of $1,500 to $1,700 during the contract's first year. In the second year, they would receive another lump sum, and in the third year they would get a 25-cents-an-hour wage increase.

The starting minimum wage of $6.70 an hour increases by 10 cents an hour for each year of the contract. Other workers in between the minimum and top scale wages would have received a 4 percent annual increase.

The company will guarantee 32 hours of work a week, up from 30 hours.

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