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I recently joined together with local community members to work to preserve a large tract of prime farmland on Clinton Street in West Seneca that is under strong development pressures. Unfortunately, we were late in coming to the party. Contracts had been signed and the project proponents had already made significant investments of time and money. Some progress has been made, but the issues remain unresolved.

As a community, we did not pay attention to what was going on in our town and how the development of that property would impact our quality of life and the environment.

I strongly encourage everyone to get involved in their local government. Attend Town Board meetings and familiarize yourself with your town's Comprehensive Plan. Be proactive in making recommendations as to needed land use and zoning changes. Remember that the government is of the people and by the people, not just for the people.

Evelyn A. Hicks

West Seneca Concerned Citizens

for Responsible Growth