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As of this writing, Democratic leaders are trying to decipher the reasons why President Bush defeated John Kerry. They continue to study the exit polls. While they may be able to articulate a clear rationale for some demographic voting trends, they are confounded as to why morality and leadership superseded all other salient issues.

These myopic libertarians have the audacity to believe that the election was tantamount to a gunfight in Dodge City. In the Old West, they employed "gun-slingers." In Election 2004, they chose to use "mud-slingers." The ammunition they used were lies and half-truths and the revolvers they used were the major media, Hollywood actors and actresses, movie producers and radio talk shows. How could these politicians think that the dirty, disgusting campaign epitaphs would not evoke disgust in the minds of decent, moral people?

Calling the president -- in time of war -- a liar, a shameful leader, stupid, racist, two-faced and many other terrible names was the straw that broke the camel's back.

Many of these malcontents do not accept the fact that we are in a war. But we have been attacked and 3,000 innocent citizens went to an early grave. And it will happen again unless we stop it now.

Robert J. Terragnoli