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It's back to the drawing board for Silver Creek Central School District's project to improve the baseball field and track facilities on campus.

At a meeting Wednesday, Rod Drake, representing Habiterra Associates, architects for the district, reviewed bids for the proposal with School Board members and officials. Bids are higher than expected, and now board members are faced with several choices.

Possibilities included reducing the running track from eight lanes to six and scrapping the new baseball field. The project called for a ball field behind the high school, built on a site currently used for practice.

School officials were told several factors may have resulted in bids higher than expected. Reportedly, some contractors want to substitute topsoil that is free of clay deposits for gravel, which can be several times more expensive.

The location would require grading and surface work as well as the finishing work. As an alternative, board members may consider keeping the current baseball field location near the football and track facilities. That proposal may need support of the Village of Silver Creek where a small section of a designated paper street intersects with land that could be in the outfield.

Bids, alternative construction proposals and options such as sending the project back to the voters are all expected to be items on the School Board agenda in the near future.

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