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Have you ever felt the need for loud boisterous music? What about 400 spike-haired, fist-pumping moshers up in your face screaming lyrics to anti-war songs? If those things describe you, then the Showplace Theater on Sunday was definitely the place to be.

The concert lineup, dubbed "The Punx Unite Tour 2004," included punk legends the Casualties and the Lower Class Brats as well as Monster Squad.

The show started off smoothly with people pumping their fists and singing along with one of Buffalo's finest and loudest bands, Switch 86. "It's time to show the big boys how the local heroes do it," said lead guitarist and vocalist Tom Nasty.

Next up was Monster Squad, a recent addition to Rodent Popsicle records. The band kicked off the set with tremendous power and ended with the crowd in a frenzy, moshing and screaming for more. For any punk fan, or even metal fan for that matter, Monster Squad is a band worth checking out.

More and more people began to pile in to see national recording artist and big-time punk band, the Lower Class Brats. With the letters LCB ringing throughout the theater, four "punks" walked out on stage as the crowd began to form a giant circle. The outfits worn by these four individuals were quite breathtaking considering the fact that they are dubbed "punks." (The long-haired androgynous guitar player wore a Thin Lizzy T-shirt and leather pants.) "We are finally back in Buffalo where the real punks are and where the real punks belong!" exclaimed the lead vocalist. The crowd went ballistic as the band performed a 30-minute set with hits such as "Psycho," "Addicted to OI!," "Who Writes Your Rules," and the new single, "Just Like Clockwork" and left with: "Thank you for a night of memories and a night of new friends, See you next time."

What was about to erupt next out of the small yet sturdy Showplace Theatre was one of the biggest, most influential punk bands to ever hit the face of this planet, the Casualties. After about 35 minutes of waiting, sirens began to go off and out walked the four who are one. Lead singer Jorge was the last to enter the stage, putting his hands high in the air screaming "Buffalo Punks will never die!" Song after song in their 45-minute set, the Casualties showed Buffalo how to have fun and yet still take care of each other. "Buffalo will never be forgotten, we'll be back within the year, thank you, be safe, bring our soldiers home, peace" were the final words to an amazing four hours of moshing, screaming, dancing and the loudest the amps possibly could have gotten.

Chris Kiebzak is a sophomore at McKinley.