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Jolie's scaly co-star ...

In her latest movie, Angelina Jolie plays a scheming matriarch with a penchant for snakes. But in real life the actress has no great affection for the creatures, so it must have come as something of a shock when she was presented with a huge boa constrictor on the set of a German talk show, reports

Jolie, appearing with her "Alexander" co-star Colin Farrell, was handed the serpent by host Thomas Gottschalk. However, while she gamely petted the boa, the Oscar-winner -- whose "Alexander" character Olympias carries a snake with her at all times -- said she prefers pets of the four-legged variety. In fact, she said the role was nerve-racking.

"Of course I was scared," she said. "I repeatedly asked the snake keeper, 'Please feed the snakes well.' But one day he just poured a whole container full of snakes onto my head, saying I should get used to them. Now, I understand them, though I don't love them."

Might as well ...

Rocker David Lee Roth, the former Van Halen frontman, is taking up a new trade.

Roth, 50, has been riding for several weeks with a New York ambulance crew in training to become a paramedic, the New York Post reports.

"I have been on over 200 individual rides now," said Roth. "Not once has anyone recognized me, which is perfect for me."

The singer, who spent a decade with Van Halen before embarking on a solo career, except a collaboration with the band for two new songs on a greatest hits album, has been riding along with crews in the Bronx, Manhattan and Brooklyn several nights a week.

Several weeks ago, Roth saved the life of a heart attack victim in the Bronx by using a defibrillator on her.

What's the code? ...

Will Tom Hanks crack "The Da Vinci Code"?

Director Ron Howard and producer Brian Grazer, the team behind "A Beautiful Mind," said in Newsweek that they wanted the "Saving Private Ryan" star because of the cerebral nature of Dan Brown's best-selling novel.

"Tom is an exciting actor to watch thinking," Howard told Newsweek. "We probably don't need his status from a box-office standpoint, but he gives Langdon instant legitimacy."

Hanks would play Robert Langdon, a Harvard symbologist who is in a life-or-death race with a secret society to uncover the secrets of the Holy Grail hidden in the works of Leonardo Da Vinci.

The actor's representatives said he is in negotiations to play the part, but has not yet been locked in.

Crowded Woods...

Tiger Woods wants out of the tabloids like he wants out of a sand trap.

The golfer was caught off guard by the coverage of his October wedding to Swedish model Elin Nordegren -- a lavish sunset ceremony in Barbados.

"It's wild. I'm a golfer, I'm not a person in Hollywood," Woods told Associated Press Television in a recent interview. "I'm not a person who is all over the tabloids. . . . For some reason it made news."

Woods, notoriously private, would like to keep it that way.

"We just wanted to have it private so it's just friends and family that are closest to us." He added, "For the media to try and get in there, I thought was invasive. There's no doubt about it."

Woods' precautions appeared to include hiring the only helicopter charter company on the island, which said it was booked solid -- a move that prevented journalists and photographers from flying over the event.

He also rented out the entire hotel, which has about 200 rooms ranging in price from $700 to $8,000 a night, according to the hotel's Web site.