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I am convinced that the one demographic overlooked in this election was the Vietnam-era veteran. Millions of unsung heroes and faithful servants finally had their say on Nov. 2. We finally put a stake through the heart of the cowards, the liberals and the Hollywood and media co-conspirators who sold this nation a sack of lies about the Vietnam War and its veterans. So emboldened were the Democrats that they had the audacity to put a willing enemy collaborator on the ticket to oppose President Bush. Well, the American people sent them a loud and clear message.

Their lies about unparalleled U.S. atrocities, war crimes and defeat on the battlefield were finally put to the electorate. The Vietnam-era veterans once again put nearly everything on the line to save our country and to keep the light of truth alive. We don't know of any exit polls that can validate this belief, but we know that those untold millions of veterans sent a message to Kerry. No more lies, no more phony apologies, no more pandering to the United Nations and the world's socialist elite. We wouldn't let him steal the only thing that many of us have left -- our honor and the truth.

Peter B. Wigdor

1st Sgt. U.S. Army, Retired


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