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Errant obscenity about Bush causes controversy

CNN says it had "nothing to do" with a recent photo of President Bush and his wife, Laura, that caused a stir on the Web site jointly run by Netscape and CNN, which are both Time Warner properties.

An obscenity was used as the file name for the digital image on the Netscape site, which carries CNN's news. The file name was legible if readers looked at its properties by right-clicking their mouse on the photo.

"It was an image produced by an employee of another company," a CNN spokesman told Britain's

"We didn't know anything about it and had nothing to do with it." Netscape acknowledged that one of its employees was responsible for the file name, the report added. The photo file later was renamed georgelaura135.jpg.

Hooray for Yahoo

Yahoo Inc. wants to go Hollywood.

The Internet company's executives have reportedly been chatting up agents and producers for six months in an effort to secure original programs that would be Webcast exclusively on Yahoo, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The surge in broadband connections means the Internet may be ready to operate more like a television network, at least in the thinking of Yahoo Chief Executive Officer Terry Semel, the Times reported.

A spokeswoman for Yahoo told the newspaper the reported discussions are "purely exploratory." also sees opportunity in broadband and has already launched a channel featuring action sports films and video on its Web site.

More travel business

The chief executive of Travelocity is expecting more competition in the online travel business after Cendant Corp. closes on its Orbitz Inc. acquisition.

Sam Gilliland told the New York Times his company, a division of Sabre Holdings Corp., will compete and "provide a great travel experience" for consumers both online and through its call centers. "We just have to provide a better experience," he said.

Making Weblog easier

The company behind TypePad has upgraded its software to make producing a Weblog easier.

Six Apart Ltd. reworked its software for uploading messages so that users can be more creative with layout and text presentation.

The service's editor is now a "what-you-see-is-what-you-get" tool, displaying text in colors, allowing lists and permitting previews of photos in posts, similar to Web site building tools such as Microsoft Corp.'s FrontPage and Macromedia Inc.'s Dreamweaver. It also has a built-in spellchecker.

Typepad's upgrade follows a $10 million venture-capital investment as well as the hiring of experienced tech executives.

Google content policy

Google Inc. has published a content policy listing terms and policies for advertisements in its AdWords service.

Danny Sullivan of said promoting products such as cable descramblers, gambling, radar jammers and other things is not allowed. Read the policy at

A great sales tool

The Internet has been a great sales tool for Time Warner's print products, said Ned Desmond, executive editor at Time Inc. Interactive, to

"We're selling record levels of print subscriptions. One of our bigger titles increased nearly fourfold in a year as a result of the "curtain strategy.' "

Top-rated digital radio

Ratings for Web radio have been issued by Ando Media.

The research firm said its data is collected from the computer servers of Webcasters and is presented in a format consistent with terrestrial broadcast ratings, such as average quarter-hour audiences.

The top-rated station in October was Digitally Imported Radio (, with an average audience of 15,506.,, and, each offering multiple formats, rounded out the top five with audiences between 2,030 and 5,927.

MP3s are big sellers

MP3 players and digital cameras are likely to power's holiday sales to another record, according to Jeff Bezos, the company's founder and chief executive. This will be the online retailer's 10th holiday season. He also expects Ugg brand boots by Deckers Outdoor, and pearl and diamond stud earrings to be big sellers, Reuters reported.

Slate deal is likely

A deal to sell Slate is likely before the end of the year, according to a report by the Online Journalism Review. Scott Moore, the general manager of the MSN News and Information network experience, said: "We're there. . . . Things have progressed quite a good ways." The Washington Post reportedly has the inside track.

-- CBS MarketWatch