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Q: Do you think there should be a mandatory retirement age for Supreme Court justices?

Yes, there definitely should be a mandatory retirement age. Justices should be retired at 70. Since many are already in their 60s when appointed, this would necessitate appointing younger judges, with a wider spectrum of viewpoints. Nobody deserves to be given a job for life, so it should be a maximum of two six-year terms or out at 70!

David & Arlene Rogala, Tonawanda

For centuries, cultures have looked to the elders for truth and wisdom. Supreme Court judges should get their highly honored position because of their wit and wisdom. It is precisely this wisdom that qualifies judges to know the best time to retire for the good of the court, their country and their conscience. However, it is ultimately the providence of God that places each Supreme Court justice, either for rewards and blessings or for cursing and punishment. God's blessings are nearly always conditional.

Greg Collins, Cheektowaga

There should be a mandatory retirement age of 75 years for Supreme Court justices. This age limit should also apply to all judges -- from federal to state to local -- and all public servants as well.

Harriet Curtin, West Seneca

No! Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg reminds us that many artists, such as composer Giuseppe Verdi, did their best work in their 70s. The mandatory retirement age for Supreme Court justices would require a constitutional amendment, and we have seen lately how the liberal left reacts to constitutional amendment recommendations.

Peter B. Wigdor, Buffalo

There should be either a mandatory retirement age of 70 or a term limit of two consecutive four-year terms. No one should be appointed to any office. If one has to be elected to become president, then everyone who wishes to become a public servant should have to run for his office or position, too. An example of someone who outlasted his time is Strom Thurman, who was seen sleeping during a Senate hearing.

Paul S. Acanfora, Blasdell

A mandatory retirement age for Supreme Court justices? Balderdash! It will never happen because some of our most progressive thinkers and authors are at least 80 years old. They are still active politically and are publicly giving lectures and writing books. I am referring to Studs Terkel, Howard Zinn, Noam Chomsky and Norman Mailer. What about that great statesman, Congressman Robert Byrd? In a true democracy, nothing should be mandatory.

Patricia M. Levorchick, Cheektowaga

No. Old age does not mean feeble. Age discrimination is wrong, no matter where it happens. I do believe the Supreme Court justices should be elected by the populace, though. Perhaps we could have an election every six years. This would ensure that Americans get the justices they want, and not just what a president wants. Besides, if we put an age limit on the judges, they might correctly rule it unconstitutional anyway.

Rick Lange, Farmersville

I think it is unfair that Supreme Court justices don't have to retire at age 65 like some other workers. Judges should not have a job for life. Some of them are so old they are unable to make sound decisions. Judges should be treated as normal people with no special privileges.

Ruth Schunk, Town of Tonawanda