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From the "so bad, it's good" vault comes this cheesy horror tale starring Dean Cain ("Clubhouse"). It's set in Antarctica, where a new prison has just opened to house the world's nastiest bad guys. But none of the facility's human inhabitants are as nasty as the enormous snake that's been hanging out under the ice for a few thousand years. Elizabeth Lackey and Mark Sheppard also star. (TV14) 6498505

No Opportunity Wasted

In "Tour D'Alaska/Rockin' the Rockies," two bicycle-loving college students descend on Barrow, Alaska, the United States' northernmost community, to put on what they hope will be the coolest bike race ever. Phil Keoghan hosts. (TVG) 781505

The Miracle Worker

Hallie Kate Eisenberg stars as young Helen Keller in this 2000 remake of the Tony-winning play. It can be a hard world out there for those who are different, but teacher Annie Sullivan (Alison Elliott, "The Spitfire") has a caring soul. She opens deaf and blind Helen's mind and heart with the gift of language. David Strathairn ("L.A. Confidential") and Lucas Black ("Sling Blade") also star. (TVPG) 126789
9 PM on Channel 29

North Shore

In "The Big One," Jason and Tessa (Kristoffer Polaha, Amanda Righetti) attend a charity event on the hotel's behalf. But neither comes alone, leading to ill will between the Grand Waimea's two goodwill ambassadors. MJ (Nikki DeLoach) seeks to smooth things over with Chris (Jay Kenneth Johnson). (TV14) 64925

The Long Way Home

Jack Lemmon stars as Thomas Gerrin, an elderly widower who is forced to move out of his house and into that of his son. It's a dull routine every day, and Tom sadly watches life pass him by. One day, he almost is run over by a young woman (Sarah Paulson). They strike up a friendship and decide to travel together to California, where Tom plans to visit an old girlfriend. (TVPG) 1256857
9:30 PM on TNT

NBA Basketball

Two teams with decidedly different looks get their first look at each other when the New York Knicks visit the Houston Rockets. The acquisition of 24-year-old guard Jamal Crawford was the Knicks' big offseason move in trying to become a more athletic team. More than half of Houston's roster is new, including Tracy McGrady, who can score from anywhere on the floor. HDTV583147
10 PM on Channel 4

Without a Trace

Tony Goldwyn reprises the roles of twins Rick and Greg Knowles in this new episode. Fans of the series will remember Rick as the man who got his twin brother to confess to killing several homeless women. When a woman disappears from a shelter with a connection to that case, Jack (Anthony LaPaglia) suspects that Rick may be up to his old tricks. HDTV6692
10:30 PM on AMC

Rooster Cogburn

Katharine Hepburn and John Wayne team up to find a murderer in this 1975 Western. Hepburn stars as Eula Goodnight, a preacher's daughter whose father has been killed by an outlaw named Hawk (Richard Jordan). A crotchety relationship develops when Goodnight joins a former marshal (Wayne) to track down the killer. (TVPG) 8906079