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WGR Radio fired the morning team of Gary Pufpaff, Bob Gaughan and Kevin Sylvester. While the station claimed it wasn't pleased with the lack of sports talk in the morning, the company must not listen to its evening and weekend host Brad Riter.

On the day before Halloween, Mr. Riter had a graphic conversation about a man dressing up as a tampon. Worse than that, on 9/1 1 of this year, he referred to the people talking about the tragedy of 9/1 1/0 1 by saying, "Let's leave that crap out of this." That's no way to talk about an attack on our country that killed 3,000. Since he's constantly saying "I don't know," it sounds like he has little respect or knowledge.

For a station that promotes "All sports, all the time," it seems to me that they fired the wrong people.

Edward L. Mitchell


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